The Death of History: 48 Years Without Malcolm X

A TSF archived repost originally posted 6 years ago (yes the year is updated)…

I’ve never seen this before. Notice how proud Ali was taking this pic

Slept on the anniversary of the death of Malcolm X yesterday. My bad. Here’s a compilation of speeches during those fiery times. Goodness I wish I was there. Would be honored to meet Malcolm and bring back a well needed sense of urgency. His was the spirit of unapologetic passionate knowledge and wisdom cultivated through hellish personal experience and an unabated hunger to see his people through.

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  1. Tariq says:

    Outside of my immediate family, there are two people I’ve been exposed to in the twentieth century who I feel nothing but absolute love for: Malcolm X and Salman al-Oadah.

  2. AXG says:

    Brother Malcolm helped me find that sense of pride that a lot of our people do not have.

  3. KevDog says:

    I think both of your Brothas need to look up a few people. Start with dude……

    Most influential Brotha of the 20th Century you’ve never heard of.

  4. Mizzo says:

    This was a recent tweet of mine and one that hurts my heart as I think of the stupidity and lack of sense of urgency enveloping our people:

    I’ll forever be pained by the loss of Malcolm until the conviction of those who should be oh so courageous no longer pains me.

    We are so caught up in this common culture we diminish the work and ultimate sacrifice of countless those our courage not.

    This part of this very informative documentary gives me mad sadness whenever I watch it. I recommend you watch it from the beginning if you haven’t already.

  5. Mizzo says:

    Thanks for that link Kev.

  6. KevDog says:

    The pic of Malcom and Ali with their children is stuning. The Clip sombering and devistating all at the same time.

    For those interested in Charles Houston and the entire history of the struggle to overturn Plessy, I highly recommend this book……

    it is a monumental achievement and one that places so many of our heroes into their proper perspective.

  7. Mizzo says:

    The one issue with the pic I just noticed is it cuts out Betty…who was seated to Malcolm’s right.

  8. michelle says:

    Brother Malcolm is missed. It’s sad to know that many black children don’t even know who he is. Too many of us are believing we are equal in this country or are too ignorant to care. Ignorance is not bliss as a result we still continue to struggle without an end in sight.

  9. michelle says:

    If I see one more black man pleading for forgiveness like he’s standing on a slave auction block I’m gonna scream.

  10. Tariq says:

    michelle: I don’t understand that last statement.

  11. KevDog says:

    I think she’s talking about Tiger.

    Tiger should have made his apology in private, to those he actually owes an apology to, his wife and family. The rest of us, ain’t none of our business.

  12. Tariq says:

    Oh my God I’m so tired talking about this cat. Obviously he doesn’t owe anyone an apology in public. But don’t you think he was serving his own interests by preserving the Tiger brand? I WISH he had walked up there and said “I apologized to my family. The rest of you, I don’t owe you SHIT.” But he wanted to appease his sponsors. And you have to admit, when an athlete is a billion-dollar industry in and of himself, the revelation that he has been banging multiple skanks, some of them porn stars, is going to tarnish that image, regardless of race. But I just wish he didn’t give a rat’s ass, because it’s not all about image. But then again, maybe to him it is.

  13. michelle says:

    Thanks KevDog. That’s exactly what I meant.

  14. eva says:

    Malcolm was a cool dude he inspired me

  15. Brother Malcolm sent me on this journey of learning and intellectual knowledge since I was a teenager to this day, everytime I debate politics or sports I look at issues through those eyes. Brother Malcolm is the most influential African- American intellectual, Civil Rights Leader of the last 50 years to these eyes because he made us look inwards for progress instead of looking towards the outside society.

  16. Julius says:

    Tiger is not alone in being forced to give phony apologies to the masses so that he can keep his job. Happens to everyone, black, white, hispanic, whatever.

  17. Miranda says:

    Thanks for that link kevdog.

  18. Bernie says:

    Hey guys, great job on the site!

    I also want to alert you to another video, one taken in Canada on the CBC television show, “Front Page Challenge”. It was taken about 1 month before his untimely death. He was about to go to the UN and protest the United States, the host nation, as a violator of human rights for Black people.

    Here are the links on youtube.

  19. CN says:

    Thanks for this one. I’ve read it before and it’s always nice to come back to it.

  20. mapoui says:

    I don’t know but Ali stood up, with a lot more at risk that Tiger had on the line..and by the end of it was more respected for his courage than Tiger ever will be.

    the cost to Tiger must also be considered. Tiger cant play any more and I cant see what that is not a direct result of his capitulation. had he stood up he would still be able to play, nailed Nicklaus and be the all time great.

    and by now his courage would have begun to be recognised generally, accepted, his reputation stronger, and the money flows would have been getting back to its original quantities, ready to surpass those numbers.

    Tiger should have stood like man. sooner or later respect commands itself. and he would have won for sure.. and would always be able to count on the respect of black people everywhere, if no others

    I don’t see that our CablinAsian golfer made the best decision for himself in abject apology. definitely un-Malcolm.

  21. mapoui says:

    Malcolm’s birthday was not really a happy day for me, as no such historic occasion is these days due the the black man in the Oval office., and the dominance of the comprador black elite class that supports him

    long before Obama was elected I had worked the situation out..analysed it as they say.. and concluded that Obama would be a terrible president from the angle of black and ordinary people the world over.

    Far from being the first black president..5 of whom preceded him according to J A Rogers…Obama would be the first Jewish president…and under his black face our worthy globe-spanning monopolists would grab as much as they could of the power in the world, and financial/political impregnability in the USA

    the program for world domination would be pushed under Obama as far and as fast as possible, regardless of the extraordinary damage it would exact on the human population of planet earth.

    I paid a price for that..a big one, by way of rejection by friends family who loved dearly the idea of a black man in the oval office..still paying even now, although I see finally, big black voices coming out in critique of Obama… a truly atrocious, genocidal president.

    we have sunk low indeed after Malcolm with the current elitist black leadership not only in the USA but around the world. without making a list the quality of black leadership around the world is stunningly comprador, traitorous and genocidal itself.

    Africa has been re-invaded with the complicity of African elites..what constitutes to my mind a second betrayal of decisive our ethnic section of the human species is not likely to get out of standing up, this time around.

    the key dual factor in modern economy is monopoly/advanced technology. advanced technology has completely destroyed the basis of capitalism, making it impossible to solve current concentration by stimulus and such economic artifices. the only actuality that can save the system is reduction of population by massive numbers.

    ordinary folk are redundant now. there is nothing the system can do this time around, save eliminate them… or face the political consequences…which would be social revolution and their own elimination.

    so the killing machine has been ramped up to the murderous task of killing billions…the food is poisoned, so is the air and water, the medicines, even the clothes and furniture. there is nowhere to turn to avoid the general attack on ordinary people the world over. and the ordinary people do not understand, are unaware for the most part.

    we have no leaders of the quality of Malcolm any more. only opportunists masquerading as populists, like the awful Sharpton, Jackson, Jealous and their ilk.

    but the people should rise on their own..and they did with the occupy movement. it fizzled but I would have loved to have seen Malcolm intersect with such a movement. he would have energized it further, encouraged Occupy in their utterly democratic perspective, sharpened up his own analysis if necessary to be in sync with their ideological advance, and contributed legs to continue, to go all the way.

    Malcolm would have imparted urgency, courage to fight totally, a sense that lives may be lost but there is no alternative.

    Malcolm’s was the spirit that never dies, that once a carrier passes remains for human use. it is the spirit that invades movements like the Iranian revolution, in the face of SAVAK, armed to the teeth by Jimmy Carter and trained by the Israelis.

    it is the spirit that renders to the people the courage to walk into the guns without fear, to know that a time has arrived when there is no going back regardless of cost in lives . it is a stunning courage then tells the SAVAK and the honed state killers “you must join us the people, your family and friend in our struggle. you cant kill us all. and what is to happen to you in the end? join us”

    and they do..they put down their guns or turn around and point them at the state, carrying through the revolution.

    the spirit of Malcolm was/is the spirit of the Haitian people in full revolutionary tide under Toussain’t and the Haitian leadership, whose courage under fire broke the resolve of the French.

    Malcolm whose example we need more than ever now, but multiplied into the people, ordinary folk on whose collective spontaneity our future rests.

    many are the examples of the play of that revolutionary spirit that came to us through Malcolm, in human history. it is there for us..and if out brother were here today he would be on the ramparts, in the van, leading in collective drive for true democracy, committed, sincere, human to the bone.

    I may be unhappy but I remember Malcolm as a great human being..fully human. RIP Malcolm.

    we still down here, must deal with an Impostor, a seriously deranged black president, one who is as beautiful as the devil himself, as sharp, smooth captivating as the evil one. but we must lift the weight of blindness he has imposed on us, see our way clear and move to take life from the hands of the killers and humanise our existence, finally and fully.

    our options have run out. it is time to move

  22. mapoui says:

    I find it real hard to give of my time to sleep. consequences can be like mixing up Malcolm’s date of passage, with his date of arrival May 19, 1925.

    I apologise for my confusion and hope it does not detract form any value I may have spoken above

  23. Michelle says:

    We need him today 🙁

  24. Burundi says:


    You aren’t the only one who worked it out in advance and paid a heavy price, bruh. And, yes, some of us have indeed paid a heavy price for our prescient vision and our refusal to be quiet. It was so strong for me that I unreservedly stayed home from the polls for the very first time in my adult life in ’08, as there was absolutely no way I was gonna vote for someone who had a man crush on the genocidal mad man, Ronald “Iran Contra Affair” Reagan.

    For it was within Reagan’s America (as chronicled in late [“suicide” a la Marylin Monroe] Gary Webb’s “Dark Alliance” whose Foreword is written by Congresswoman Maxine Waters) that I had a pistol put on my nose as a boy of 13 and I’ve buried more of my classmates due to drugs than I can remember in Detroit, whose destruction was socially engineered by Bush Sr, under the auspice of the CIA beginning in the 60s as a direct and deliberate response to the Civil Rights Movement. Yeah, no way I would support someone who was an unabashed fan of Reagan, America’s Nazi equivalent.

    But I must say that while armed with my understanding of JUST where BHO was coming from, even that, coupled with my formal training as a political scientist, still, in no way prepared me for the abject nightmare that this POTUS has turned out to be—despite the political cover republican obstructionism has provided. You see, regardless of what Clinton said during his DNC speech, this POTUS passed the republican austerity measures better known as Bailout and TARP in lieu of a larger 2nd New Deal (when he, baiting the masses, dressed up as FDR, with the iconic monocle and cigarette holder, for the covers of Time and the New Yorker Magazines) enveloping the aforementioned two as well as bailing out main street, as argued by Paul Krugman. And, this POTUS refusing to sufficiently hold, criminally and financially responsible Wall Street and the Bush Cabinet for their transgressions makes this POTUS an accessory, after the fact, when you consider that he’s put a cool $10 mil in the bank and him extending the Bush Tax cuts during his first term insured that he’d keep most of it, too. So, Bruh, you’re definitely not alone.

  25. mapoui says:

    I came back today and saw your response Burrundi.

    your commentary s solid indded

    you have captured a real sense of BHO in description of him as nightmare. that he is indeed..our worse nightmare

    hell is on the way for human society. our species may not survive it. if we do, in democratic form, bloody, beaten up, truncated, the revolution would have succeed and we may yet be ok for the long haul.

    if we emerge in a Brave New, we wont be ok.

    but human civilization can survive in humanistic shape and form, all the better to go forward in the best possible shape… only by the take over of the day, the stage, by the people and put to use in the interest of the various nations and their people

    such democracy is the only way..certainly the best way to go forward.

    Obama is the opposite of all this, functions in the interest of Brave new World

    it is time for the people to rise up and occupy the stage, fully. it is that or our, enslavement, eugenics, engineered..all manner of social evil by the insane power seeking permanent social domination.

    that is the junction at which global society has arrived at

    never thought I would see a black man at the head of the elitist power however

    but now that he is there it seems the most logical thing in the world for the power to have placed him there at this time. he is simply the greatest cover they could have conceived of for their evil intent