Ron Glover’s NBA Power Rankings: The Miami Heat are the NBA’s towering inferno

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Dwyane Wade is playing his best ball of the season during Miami’s hot streak.

The Miami Heat have strung together eleven consecutive wins — dating back to February 3rd. The Heat have scored over 100 points nine times this month. While Lebron James continues to ball at a torrid pace, contributions from his teammates cannot be overlooked. Dwyane Wade is averaging 23 points, 6 rebounds and 6 assists during the streak. Chris Bosh is averaging 16 points and shooting 56 percent from the floor.

1. Miami Heat (40-14) – This is the best of regular season times for the Miami Heat. They have taken out the Rockets, Clippers, Lakers, Thunder, Hawks and Bulls during the streak.

2. San Antonio Spurs (45-13) – The Spurs have learned to rely on players not named Tim Duncan, Manu Ginobili and Tony Parker.

3. Oklahoma City Thunder (41-15) – Holding the Bulls to 29 percent shooting last week was one of the best defensive efforts this season.

4. LA Clippers (40-18) – Will not trading for Kevin Garnett cost them in the post season?

5. Memphis Grizzlies (37-18) – So much for the Grizzlies missing Rudy Gay. The Grizzlies are 8-2 since the trade.

6. Indiana Pacers (35-21) – The Warriors, Clippers, Raptors and Bulls await the Pacers this week.

7. Denver Nuggets (36-22) – Probably a good thing the Nuggets didn’t make a move at the trade deadline.

8. New York Knicks (33-20) – The Knicks bring in Kenyon Martin and trade Ronnie Brewer?

9. Golden State Warriors (33-23) – Jarrett Jack could be the difference in a first round matchup for the Warriors.

10. Brooklyn Nets (33-24) – Deron Williams is playing better, but Joe Johnson is hobbled with a sore heel.

11. Atlanta Hawks (32-23) – Were the offers for Josh Smith so ugly that the Hawks are willing to lose him for nothing?

12. Houston Rockets (31-27) – The Rockets are jacking threes like it’s going out of style. Great move to steal Thomas Robinson from the Sacramento Kings.

13. Utah Jazz (31-26) – The Jazz blew a great opportunity against the Celtics Monday night. They are 17-11 without Mo Williams.

14. Chicago Bulls (32-24) – Between poor outings and Derrick Rose still absent from the lineup, it was a tough week to be a Chicago Bull.

15. Boston Celtics (30-27) – Paul Pierce is working as hard as I’ve ever seen to keep the C’s climbing in the East.

16. LA Lakers (28-30) – Getting run out of Denver negates a great effort against the Mavericks on Sunday. Kobe Bryant is over his struggles from beyond the arc.

17. Milwaukee Bucks (26-28) – As terrible as the Bucks are playing right now, they’re capable of holding off the Sixers and Raptors for the final playoff spot. 

18. Dallas Mavericks (25-30) – Dirk is starting to come around just in time for the Mavericks to make a late season push. Mark Cuban learned the hard way not to fire up Kobe Bryant.

19 Portland Trail Blazers (26-30) – Portland could have used a shot in the arm at the trade deadline.

20. Toronto Raptors (23-34) – The Raptors have won six of their last eight. They will leap over the Sixers and challenge the Bucks for the #8 seed.

21. Washington Wizards (18-37) – The Wizards are 7-3 in their last 10 games. It would’ve been nice to see them keep Jordan Crawford.

22. Detroit Pistons (22-37) – The Pistons lost two games by a total of 50 points last week.  

23. Philadelphia 76ers (22-32) – The decision not to make a move tells me either Andrew Bynum is on his way back or the front office has thrown in the towel for this season. Time to start looking at Doug Collins

24. Minnesota Timberwolves (20-33) – Derrick Williams has played well recently.

25. New Orleans Hornets (20-37) – Anthony Davis is averaging 15 and 8 in his last five games.

26. Sacramento Kings (19-38) – A head scratcher in dealing #5 pick Thomas Robinson to Houston.

27. Cleveland Cavaliers (18-38) – Dion Waiters is looking like the player we hoped.

28. Phoenix Suns (18-39) – The Suns are headed to the NBA Lottery with bells on.

29. Orlando Magic (15-41) – The Magic have the pieces to be a good team. They’re missing veteran scorer.

30. Charlotte Bobcats (13-43) – Tough week on the road for the Bobcats with visits to the Clippers, Jazz and Kings.

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