Baylor’s Brittney Griner drops 50 on K-State; moves into second place on NCAA women’s scoring list

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Brittney Griner’s pregame dunks hold court.

She’s the lone Sequoia in a land filled with oak trees. In four years, Brittney Griner has dominated college basketball like very few have. People will debate forever whether Griner or USC’s Cheryl Miller is the best ever. Griner’s dominance in a sport at the height of it’s popularity comes at a time where she can write her own ticket to super stardom.

I woke up to learn Baylor’s Brittney Griner had dropped half-a-man on the Kansas State Lady Wildcats. The reigning Player of the Year was 21-28 from the floor in the Lady Bears 90-68 victory. It was her last collegiate home game in a remarkable career. A 50-point effort by Griner was probably the only milestone missing  from a career decorated like a Christmas tree in Rockefeller Square. No matter how many ferocious blocks or jump hooks we take in, Grinder’s astonishing dominance in the paint never gets old.

The night was special for Baylor fans, especially since most of Griner’s signature moments have taken place on the road or in neutral venues. Griner treated the fans to a rare dunk — something not seen in a home game since her freshman year. The huge scoring night also moved Griner into second place all-time among women players. Griner’s 3,123 points moves her behind Jackie Stiles — who has 3,393 career points. Griner is sixth among all college players in career scoring and is the all-time leader in blocked shots. She also has 14 career dunks and is the Big 12’s all-time leader in three-point plays.

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The stuff of legend.

No. 14 came when Griner caught the ball on the left block and spun with a drop step reminiscent of the days when back-to-the basket players ruled the lane. With no dribble, hesitation or fear, Griner rolled past her defender for a violent one-handed dunk.

The play exemplified Griner’s collegiate career — making deliberate moves and going through whatever is around the corner.

Leaving those who continue to criticize and judge in her wake.

5 Responses to “Baylor’s Brittney Griner drops 50 on K-State; moves into second place on NCAA women’s scoring list”

  1. D. N. says:

    “She’s the lone Sequoia in a land filled with oak trees.” ..PERFECT..

  2. Ryan M. says:

    An amazing player. I think women’s athletics should get more play. Why can’t I turn on CBS Saturday and see Baylor taking on someone? The sports pundits and media heads claim nobody watches, nobody cares but what would happen if they started hyping the women’s game even half what they do the men’s? Give us the story lines, the coverage, and highlight some games and I bet fans will sign on.

  3. Okori Wadsworth says:

    @Ryan: Because ESPN has the Women’s Basketball contract. CBS would do a better job with this, I am sure.

  4. Ryan M. says:


    Thanks for the info on that. I feel like it is too bad ESPN has anything most of the time.

    I was mainly using CBS as an example because I’d love to see more women’s sports on non-pay TV. Watching the women at the Olympics, I wondered why the WNBA doesn’t get the air time (excepting cable/satellite, which I don’t have even though it means I don’t get to see most of the Trailblazer games). I saw UConn and Stanford annihilate my Ducks this year and those women should be on TV every week!

  5. RBD says:

    I might watch WNBA games just to see Griner play some more. She won’t dunk as often in the pros as she has in the Big 12, but that’s fine. In fact, it’s good. That way, she can get attention — such as it in the WNBA — for her general basketball aptitude and intellect. Her defensive body control will be more appreciated on the higher level because she’ll be facing more players with bulk, but she still won’t foul all that often.