Sunday Spoken Word: Jordan Black and Red Chicago Clouds


Heaven’s a red and black cloud when his god gets hot. Basketball is better because of MJ but the spirit of us is not. Doesn’t matter the name in front of him, none had the will to surpass the deep steps ahead as his mind and body awaited your next best thought vs. his easiest reflex.

Yes. Think about that. Think of why he arguably became the GOAT alongside Mizzo’s Wilt and Power Memorial’s Captain.


There is too…a spot for LeBron.


Internet shine and Madison Avenue’s fine, but I needed Mike’s soul to supply a futuristic influence his fame never acknowledged. The athletic world became dolo. Soul rock soul hollow. Ownership swallowed a true potential we weren’t allowed to follow. Christmas eyes for children 23’s might have spanned seas but there has never been a republican in me, so a basketball player is all I’ll ever see…and my father rightfully demanded my sports heroes sting like incarcerated bees.


DuBois’ duality exists in every man, so don’t misunderstand my personal and surely unpopular reasoning for Air’s historical place. Just understand that one African tear forever resembles a misused legacy feared…and like a tattoo is body struck as death eyes cry when our progeny falling inside the gun smoke can’t ask why…because a Chicago desensitized haze looks like that said tear upon our every face…no matter what the race.

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