Street Voices: Volume 1, Issue 2

Last week, our first installment of Street Voices focused on the homeless in Philadelphia and the ‘One Step Away’ program which sponsors their talents. In today’s issue we will explore the work of some extraordinary young individuals in the Philadelphia area courtesy of CRED magazine and The Village of Arts and Humanities. Enjoy!

History’s Shown

I walked out my house yesterday’

and was greeted with a .44 automatic firearm

I was told if I made any move I’d be fire on

now this was some sh*t I could not take lightly

cause the Philadelphia police do not mind killin’ a




Now remember I ain’t sayin “nigga” like the slang word

I’m saying


like the color of my skin is dark so they won’t hesitate to

pull the trigger.

So I stood still, not makin a move

cause I didn’t want them to do me, my fiance’ and my three-year old son

like they did the MOVE

Members…and murder me in cold blood then get on TV like,

I’d do it again. So what.

Then they got on some extra sh*t and took me down to the District.

But before I could even start to bitch

I think

lucky me

cause right then and there they could’ve pumped six in me

these are the same people who gave Mumia the death penalty.

And once they let me go I still don’t know what I did wrong

but then history shows that

being black

in the city of Philadelphia

is a crime

by itself


Derrick, 23


Early Bird

Early Bird get the worm, but the other birds still hate him

Cuz he has the same favorite Sonic Youth song everyone else does

And it just ain’t fair.

But such is life, filtered and re-filtered until the plot line’s coherent

A romantic joke though isn’t it? But what’s the point of all this time,

if I have to spend it waiting?

Early Bird gets the worm, but he also has to make his own coffee

Cuz he wakes up to no one every single time.

The working world needs cooperation, and if you’re lucky, that’s just showing up.

It’s not pathetic to be a player, if you end up being a winner too

(but no one’s counting, but no one knows).

Early Bird gets the worm, but for minimum wage, that’s too much for the asking

And the other birds still hate him

With his rotten wormy guts.

Tomorrow is a new day,

And the worm colony gets an armored tank.

Michelle, 19


The Black, Uncivilized Animal They Said

To my ancestors:

the slave

the hopeless the

rarely hopeful slave

they say we’re uncivilized

what we had before

you took away

was gold kingdoms

true religion peace

and hope our families

life freedom

care love for every kind

those people so-call


animals we are not

people yes we are

they lived in caves in the time

of the viking we lived in kingdoms

big huts homes yes they were

we are the black so-called uncivilized

Noor, 5th Grade

4 Responses to “Street Voices: Volume 1, Issue 2”

  1. mapoui says:

    excellent, satisfying read!

    here’s a brilliant summary by Bruce Dixon. I could not have written the content better myself

  2. mapoui says:

    and Glen Ford on Detroit, Traitors Bing and Orr

  3. Maurice says:

    The ruin of Detroit has been accelerated and amplified by black majors for the last 40 years. Glen Ford is a racebaiting fool who conveniently ignores this. Sure didn’t take long to forget about Kwame Kilpatrick did it?

  4. mapoui says:

    So Maurice..on a positive note you have any recommendations?