Tip-Off for 4/12/13 (featuring Tupac & Scarface): Chicago Hope: The Chicago Bulls halt the NY Knicks win streak at 13 in a 118-111 victory

Posted in Blogroll on April 12th, 2013 by Ron Glover

(Bulls Blog)

Chicago’s Nate Robinson has strapped on the scoring responsibility in the absence of Derrick Rose

This season, the Chicago Bulls have endured a hell-fire capable of consuming weaker less focused teams. In the wake of losing Derrick Rose, the Bulls have kept their shoulder to the wheel and trudged forward. Players like Nate Robinson and Jimmy Butler have become welcome additions to the roster. For the second time this season, the Bulls have ended a winning streak of 10+ games. Chicago ended the New York Knicks 13-game winning streak in a 118-111 victory in overtime.

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