NFL broadcasting legend Pat Summerall has died at age 82

Posted in Blogroll on April 16th, 2013 by Ron Glover

(Atlanta Journal Constitutional)

The Emmy-Award winning voice of Pat Summerall will be missed by fans of all sports.

Pat Summerall, one half of the greatest broadcasting duo in sports history has passed  away at age 82. Summerall was paired with former Oakland Raiders head coach John Madden in 1981. The NFL’s dynamic broadcasting duo worked together for 22 years on two different networks.

Summerall played ten seasons as a placekicker for the Detroit Lions, Chicago Cardinals and the New York Giants.

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Matt Whitener and Michael Tillery Interview (Part I) Bob Kendrick, President of the Negro League Museum

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The Negro League Museum began in a one room office in 1990.

As your grandmother heads out to the porch just like any other day, you wonder what runs through her mind as she rocks…quiet and sipping her usual tea through the cultured edges of the proudest of smiles. You, your brother and sister run around the big tree that is mere yards away from the dusty diamond with the rusty backstop. The three of you have gloves, worn baseballs and new bats propped against the oak’s massive trunk. Your sister is the youngest at 7. Her bat is pink and has a lot of pop. She has that good fire in her eyes. You are 12 and your brother is 9. He’s the speedy one. You are the pitcher of promise. An all star on your pop’s team. Dinner was so good and you couldn’t wait to get outside and onto that field. Ever so often each of you glance over to her to see if that last sip is finally gone. She puts down the cup that he gave her, gets that old glove out of the basket beside her chair and walks over to play the lovely game her father also loved. The game the Philadelphia Star pictured all over the household walls gave his soul to and collectively, the baseball spirits of the aforementioned ride instinctively through the three of you. Yes, you the siblings of Negro League legacy. This is what the dream should be and hopefully will be on this day…Jackie Robinson Day.

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Tip-Off for 4/16/13 (featuring D’Angelo): The Utah Jazz defeat Minnesota Timberwolves 96-80 to keep playoff hopes alive

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(CBS Sports)

Paul Milsap and the Utah Jazz need a win combined with an LA Lakers loss to get into the NBA postseason.

Tomorrow night, the Utah Jazz and Los Angeles Lakers’ respective seasons have come down to one game. The Jazz defeated the Minnesota Timberwolves 96-80. The victory sets up a meaningful game Wednesday against the Memphis Grizzlies. The Lakers face the Houston Rockets. The math here is simple: A Jazz win and Lakers loss and Utah is in. A Lakers victory eliminates the Jazz. Utah holds the first tie-breaker.

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