Saturday Morning Suicides: The Lakers and Spurs stand on the brink; Steph Curry carries the Golden State Warriors to 110-108 victory over the Denver Nuggets to take 2-1 lead


Ty Lawson and the Denver Nuggets could only marvel at the exploits of “The Golden Child”.

The Boston Celtics and the Los Angeles Lakers have been pushed to the cusp of elimination after dropping the all-critical third game in their respective series. The Celtics were handled by the New York Knicks 90-76 as the series moved to Boston. The injury bug has literally crippled the Los Angeles Lakers — who were no match for the San Antonio Spurs in their 120-89 loss.

If Steph Curry was able to walk, he was going to play in Game 3 against the Denver Nuggets. What we didn’t know was how effective the Warriors guard would be on a sore ankle. Once again, Curry went in against the Denver Nuggets as the Warriors won for the second game on succession without forward David Lee. The Warriors took a 2-1 series lead with their 110-108 victory.

Knicks 90 – Celtics 76 – Poor shooting and turnovers coupled with no answer for Carmelo Anthony has dropped the C’s into a 3-0 hole. Anthony led New York with 26 points and Raymond Felton handed out 10 assists. Jeff Green scored 21 points and Kevin Garnett grabbed 17 boards for Boston.

New York leads 3-0.

Spurs 120 – Lakers 89 – The Lakers didn’t score 20 points in the first and third quarters. San Antonio shot a blistering 61 percent from the floor. The Lakers were outrebounded 59-35. Tim Duncan scored a game-high 26 points and grabbed 9 rebounds. Dwight Howard led the Lakers with 25 points. Pau Gasol added 13 points and 10 assists.

San Antonio leads 3-0.

Warriors 110 – Nuggets  108 – The Warriors rallied back from a 12-point halftime deficit. Steph Curry finished with 29 points and 11 assists for the Warriors. Andrew Bogut grabbed 11 rebounds. Ty Lawson led the Nuggets with a game-high 35 points and 10 assists.

Golden State leads 2-1.


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6 Responses to “Saturday Morning Suicides: The Lakers and Spurs stand on the brink; Steph Curry carries the Golden State Warriors to 110-108 victory over the Denver Nuggets to take 2-1 lead”

  1. publius africanus says:

    Sat thru last night’s Lakers game…

    The good: Andrew Goudelock and Darius Morris came up big after seeing next to no playing time throughout the season. Makes you wonder why D’Antoni didn’t get them more into the rotation. In fact Goudelock was named MVP of the D league before tip off.

    The bad: Pau Gasol disappeared for the 3rd straight year in the playoffs in a must win game. The B-2 bomber ain’t got nothing on Gasol. Even worse he just gave up on defense. On one defensive whiff Gasol just kind of waved his right hand at the Spurs player(Parker?) as he went by as if to say “The basket is ready for your layup, sir.” If it was Parker he should have said “Thank you, garcon!” as he blew by for the layup.

    The Ugly: Is what the Lakers are right now. Too old to keep up with the young guns in the West like OKC. They refuse to go into the two big men. They refused to play defense in the worst way last night(3rd qtr the Spurs were shooting over 60%). Lastly ugly is what its going to get if they bring D’Antoni back next season. It kills me to hear people saying he should be retained for the sake of consistency. Tell that to Mike Brown.

  2. Ron Glover says:

    I agree on all points, especially the ugly. Also an amnesty of Kobe Bryant isn’t out of the realm of reality. Hell, he may welcome it.

  3. mapoui says:

    an amnesty for Kobe?

    isn’t he the central negative figure in all this with his death stares so on.

    while this looks good on the Lakers this is the way empire crumble anyway…in general stupidity and ignominy.

    we have the stupidity in the inheriting Buss and the ignominy of total defeat on the floor..cant play any more with a collection of oldsters, whom are best disbursed..or dispersed… around the league as mentors and role models for younger teams coming up.

    I don’t wish injury and old age infirmity on the Lakers. I wanted them to fall apart fit and healthy on the floor. and I have had many great moments from Kobe as player. but in the team Kobe is worse than a woman scorned in the life of love and romance

    and if this is he best young Buss can do he might as well sell the team..or give it up to Jenny and Phil.

    Licks for the Lakers is good for the NBA…a decent thought as I watch young titan Kev Durant take OKC on his slim but capable shoulders, like he took the USA at the Worlds and won.

    Can Kev take OKC all the way?

    Fisher should hold out for the entire plays-off…and the truly evocatively named young Reggie Jackson should be a help not a harm

    and the defence is still intact

    {Oh Bwoy..Reggie Jackson..bringing back so many great and happy moments for an old man like me}

    its a good day despite the Lakers crumble…even because of it.

    and while I am at Boston too.

    let NBA development now flow in myriad many cities with the development of diverse and entertaining play.

    time for the rich to feel a lil’ pain in consistent losing, on an even NBA administrative playing field.

    the NBA has worked for 2 these franchises for far too long at the expense of others. its time to spread it around

  4. Ron Glover says:

    Things look like they’re starting to even out.

  5. mapoui says:

    Amnesty Clause..riiight!


    by all means anyway..cut kobe loose. its time. new start.

    cut Howard too whom I figure right about now is thinking about signing elsewhere

  6. Saturday Morning Suicides: The Lakers and Spurs stand on the brink; Steph Curry carries the Golden State Warriors to 110-108 victory over the Denver Nuggets to take 2-1 lead | The Starting Five