Will Jason Collins’ coming out party change the game?

Posted in Blogroll on April 29th, 2013 by Ron Glover

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Jason Collins stands alone as the only active gay male athlete in sports. 

Washington Wizards center Jason Collins’ announcement that he is gay has changed the game in ways he could only dream about as a player. A fringe player for most of his 12 seasons in the NBA, Collins just cracked the starting lineup as the first active, openly gay male athlete in American sports.

Collins overcame a lifetime of fears and anxiety before making his announcement. Are we ready to get into the game or do we need another scrimmage or two?

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The dawn of the Geno Smith era ends Tim Tebow’s tenure in New York; what’s next for Mark Sanchez?

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(WV Metro News).

In spite of the boos he heard from Jets fans, Geno Smith is looking to become the main man in NYC.

The New York Jets second round draft selection of West Virginia quarterback Geno Smith spelled the end of the Tim Tebow Experiment in Gotham. Tebow was released by the Jets after a less than productive season under Rex Ryan.

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Tip-Off for 4/29/13 (featuring Duke Ellington): Dwight Howard ejected as the San Antonio Spurs sweep the Los Angeles Lakers in 103-82 victory; Miami Heat finish off Milwaukee Bucks with 88-77 win

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(Robert Hanashiro/USA Today)

No words needed from Kobe Bryant to know what he was thinking.

Kobe Bryant made his presence felt at the most opportune time of the Lakers 103-82 season-ending loss to the San Antonio Spurs. Bryant walked to the Lakers bench after Dwight Howard was ejected after receiving his second technical foul in the 3rd quarter. Kobe’s arrival served reassurance to his teammates and Laker fans who the team really belongs to for now and maybe the foreseeable future. The game was another story. The Spurs was more than willing to put the Lakers out of their misery — ending a frustrating season for coaches, fans, ownership and players.

The Miami Heat had venison four different ways in their first-round sweep of the Milwaukee Bucks. The Heat won each of their games by double-digits, the final being a 88-77 victory in Milwaukee.

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