Rest in Power Jim Kelly


Cause of death has yet to be reported. Kelly was 67.

Sure at this site, readers have full knowledge of who Jim Kelly was and is to our history. He was not a side kick but a karate master. Those who don’t know him, when you google James Milton Kelly, don’t just stop at the first reference. Rest in power sir.

A presence Straight African that helped to define and document an era. Jim Kelly is a key…RIP.jimkelly A Shorin-ryu key bright and right enough to fire passionately a clear path to an important past. Search deep enough and you’ll realize the origin of martial arts is not what it seems and his brand of confidence is to be earnestly repeated and certainly not deleted. Doversola his teacher, deal in stereotypes and Jim Kelly’s mind will beat ya as much as what I’m imploring you to seek will help to complete ya. Embrace the soul type. It is not yours to water down for the comfort of insecure others, but more to emulate so that history fights and shows ya right what it is to be a fully aware soul brother. Save travels sir. Your measure was more than an oversexed Afro. Your peace moves me to speak what it takes to fly higher and higher, so…Samurai on bro. Tell the master Bruce Lee we all said yo.


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