Tip-Off for 7/11/13 (featuring Leon Spinks): Who’s on your Hip Hop All-Star team?

(Paul Stone)

The Wu-Tang Clan have been a staple in Hip Hop for two decades.

In honor of the upcoming MLB All-Star Game. Give me your top ten things as it relates to Hip Hop. It could be artists, trends, songs, moments and personalities. It doesn’t have to be in any particular order.

1. Grafitti Art

2. “The Message”

3. Battle Rapping

4. Public Enemy and conscious rap

5. Kool Herc

6. Run DMC

7. Breakdancing and Gear

8. The Golden Age

9. Biggie and Tupac

10. Jay Z


The Lineup:

The ice cream man is coming (Hip Hop’s Golden Age).

4 Tasks for the unemployed man (Men’s Health).

Donovan McNabb chimes in on Matt Stafford’s deal (CBS).

I guess Lamar Odom is on the outs (IFWT).

Derrick Rose releases a new video (Dime Magazine).

Women respond better to stress (LA Times).

Ronnie Fields documentary opens in Chicago (Ball is Life).

Kobe Bryant is moving on (Lakers @ LA Times).

Boston Marathon Bomber has his day in court (CBS).

MoKnozSports is out (Paperli).


Happy Birthday Leon Spinks!

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