President Barack Obama addresses The Zimmerman Verdict and racism


President Obama addressed the Zimmerman verdict, racism and the plight of the young Black male — to the chagrin of many whites in America.

President Barack Obama spoke out at length about the recent George Zimmerman verdict six days after he was found not guilty in the shooting death of Trayvon Martin.

The President had been criticized for only speaking briefly on the verdict by some African-Americans. In his impromptu, but lengthy speech he’s accused by whites as race-baiting.

The shootings at Sandy Hook were a national tragedy. As a father, President Barack Obama stepped away from the bulletproof motorcade and fully exposed his inner emotions to a stunned and grieving nation.

Obama wept and white America was alright with it.

The George Zimmerman case, trial and eventual verdict have galvanized the nation for well over a year. When the verdict dropped, President Obama addressed the nation as Commander In Chief. After stewing in the aftermath of the trial for six days the stench became unbearable and President Obama spoke out once again as a father.

“I could have been Trayvon Martin 35 years ago.”

He talked about why we feel the way we feel about the verdict. There’s a history to this and it continues to repeat itself. The anger and hopelessness some are feeling is well justified. Some have lost jobs, income and even family members to racism.

Car doors are still being locked when we pass by cars with white passengers and purses are still being clutched when we step on elevators or any close quarters.

He spoke from the heart and was chased away by those same racists.

I guess any of the other 43 Presidents would have been a dead monkey too.

A change of address hasn’t shielded President Obama from anything you or I can’t see or feel from a racist America.

Obama spoke again, only this time as a Black man in America. He spoke as a man concerned about this generation of young Black men who don’t have the resources to produce even a glimmer of hope.

Of course it wasn’t met with the same fervor or warm and fuzzy feeling as Sandy Hook. He was supposed to keep his feelings in check when it came to race. Of course the biggest race mongers feel it’s counter-productive for the first African-American President of these yet to be United States to speak out on racism?

They’d rather dance with the elephant in the room.

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    Exactly! Nicely said