Tip-Off for 8/8/13 (featuring @skyzoo): What do you want from Sports?

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So…what is up people? How y’all be? Having a good week? I’m all good. Smiling thinking about my baby girl’s smile. Tell your kids you love them. Word. OK, let’s get to it then…

When you clink on a link or open a newspaper, what are you looking for? Are you seeking information or entertainment? Are you looking for scores, salacious stories or current events about your squad? Who got caught screwing his best friend’s girl? What dude got popped after a routine traffic stop? What?

Actually, I’m trying to figure that out myself. I’m looking around sports journalism and cringing. Seems like the overwhelming majority of stories getting hits are straight BS. Could it be the slow period between the NBA and the NFL or is this what it’s going to be? Have we become so desensitized that a headline like “Chargers defeat Raiders” leaves you disinterested? If it were titled “Chargers beat that Raiders ass” would you feel more compelled to clink the link? I think many of you would. Do you read long form pieces or does your mind skate away to something else after 500 words or so? How did we get here? Have we given up on hearing good stories about good people because that story is boring? There are so many dope stories just waiting for you to read, but it seems those stories get less and less likes while the stories that make you go “ooooh” get the most comments and shares on social networks.

If a writer on New York Jets beat hypothetically tweets “Geno Smith throws interception as Mark Sanchez smiles while Rex Ryan whispers into Marty Mornhinweg’s ear” do you perk up? What if another writer watching the same drill tweets “Geno Smith looks sharp and goes 8-9 in 7 on 7 drill”. How would that suit you? What would you believe and would your perception of an athlete change in that instance simply because a writer was hypercritical? Are we being lead down a journalism road just out for the dough or is that all that’s out there? I think pop culture needs to click on the 11th link I posted below for real, because this is getting way outta hand. Who is to blame if anyone? Are the people just getting what they want? Do you go to the same spots because you like a certain view of sports or would you like a more objective scope of things?

What draws you in? Let me know and have a great afternoon and evening…


The Black women of sports blogging. S/O to my girl Robin! 🙂 (Ebony.com)

The Braves have won like 3,728,372 games in a row (USA Today).

It’s over (again): Tigers release Jose Valverde. Dude was 49-49 just two years ago (Detroit News).

Because some of you all forgot how great LenDale White was (TSFJ).

Greg Jennings: Green Bay Packers brainwash players (NFL.com)

YouTube’s founders challenge Vine and Instagram with new video app (NYT).

Mayan sculpture discovered in Guatemalan pyramid (BBC).

IBM devises software for its experimental brain-like SyNAPSE chips (Computer World).

The sun is gearing up for a major solar flip, NASA says. Happens every 11 years or so (Space.com)

AntMan Wonder – Sleeping Giant 2 (DJ Booth).

What links the neo-confederate Virginia flaggers, Barack Obama and race (Daily Beast)

20 Legal Medical Marijuana States and DC (ProCon.org)

I think dude is the best cat out right now…

2 Responses to “Tip-Off for 8/8/13 (featuring @skyzoo): What do you want from Sports?”

  1. Cel says:

    For me – you have to have a record of being correct and truthful for me to buy into the story. For me personally if I am investing the time, I want accuracy and facts, followed by the background. One of the things I like about TSF is the background and heart you put into a story.

  2. Cam says:

    I like player-friendly, humor, and accuracy and TSF brings all that. Nothing is ever as black and white as some sportswriters tell it. So much hate out there from sportswriters that I dont even know why they do it except sensationalism.