Tip-Off 8/13/13 (featuring Big Sean, Kendrick Lamar and Jay Electronica): K Dot’s verse on Control is just a Hip Hop wake up call


Y’all better not shut up…

When Big Sean’s Control featuring Kendrick Lamar and Jay Electronica leaked last night on twitter, chaos ensued. First the criticism was directed toward Jay Electronica because folks thought (they were right) Kendrick Lamar bodied everyone like 357 times on the track. Then it rightfully became about the genius of Kendrick Lamar…

Twitter can be dope at times, because when something hits us it hits us. Everyone tweets about the same thing and while the conversation is reactionary initially, it then becomes nuanced once the shock settles. Usually these groundswells occur during live sports events or music award shows or…court cases when murderers skate, but…yeah you get it.

“I heard the barbershops be in great debates all the time, about who’s the best emcee? Kendrick, Jigga and Nas, Eminem, Andre 3000. The rest of y’all new niggas just new niggas. Don’t get involved.”

Yes, do get involved. This is not the time to chill. Take his fuel and flame the game. We’ve all been waiting for something to go down in Hip Hop because it was stagnant leading into this current wave of creativity and Kendrick on Control is a start. I thought that cat would be Jay Electronica a few years back, and it still can be Jay Elec (his verse will grow on folks), but K Dot just…

Kendrick Lamar is a beast. This is about honor and respect. He’s on top of his game because he’s going through the process of stardom and staying on his toes to take it all in and remain in the cultural stratosphere. There are levels to this and I’m sure he gets pissed off, inspired, frustrated and challenged now more than ever because of the success of good kid, m.A.A.d city and all the fame, BS and everything else associated. He can spit on any track, but his talent remains the same throughout. He’s doesn’t seem to be one that will just be a fad. Sometimes I think he holds back a little too much he’s so sick with it. My sons Mike and Gaston put me on to him about 4 years ago. He’s seen by a lot of folks as the next (along with Drake, J Cole, Big K.R.I.T., the Odd Future crew, some others and I’d have to say Skyzoo because that’s my dude and he belongs) driving the game into another influential era because he’s difficult to marginalize and thoroughly entertains with his genius wit. You knew that the first time you heard him and because the game is so laid back in the mainstream, his bars on Control are seen as even more unique. He just came harder than what level Hip Hop is on right now…and he named names. He seems buoyed by history like Kobe…meaning that nothing in front of him is an obstacle. Respect is due, but he doesn’t allow his camaraderie to hinder his progress. Hip Hop is just like any other field currently in that folks are shook to offend it seems. What happened to the battle rap? So when Kendrick calls out “Jermaine Cole, Big K.R.I.T., Wale, Pusha T, Meek Mill, A$AP Rocky, Drake, Big Sean, Jay Electron(ica), Tyler, (the Creator), and Mac Miller”, with bass in his voice, of course it’s going to cause mass hysteria.  Like Shoes said, he wasn’t truly going for everyone’s metaphorical neck, but he did go 72-10 last night. He won twitter by diving after every 50/50 ball, getting off the floor unscathed and not having to brush himself off. The rap game needs this jolt. It became too much about consumerism and cats are crooning like their names are Luther, Barry and Mike to get that sugar and spice buck. Leave that for Pharell…

I don’t mean laid back  in a chill sense, but more there hasn’t been a cat separating himself from the bunch. A cat that took his hand and bitch slapped the mantle built when Dead Presidents hit in ’96 and knocked everything off the grid in the space occupied by the deaths of Pac and BIG. That ain’t no Hov diss, but it’s like when folks got all stupid when Randy Moss said he’s better than Jerry Rice. What the hell was he supposed to say? Great cats know they are great even if they don’t publicly say so. Kendrick obviously wants to be the greatest and what’s wrong with having such a goal because as we see in sports with LeBron and the Miami Heat, everything falls in line because mere mortal distractions just don’t exist. It’s cool that everyone is guesting on tracks and cosigning the work of their peers, but where is the spirited competition? Cats are skating backwards counting the dough (looking around to see who is looking) very few in the game are earning. What the mainstream expects to be Hip Hop is nothing but demonized hip pop. Everything isn’t about jacking some lame’s lady, controlling the block, smoking trees or the party. It’s much deeper of course. Hip Hop originated as our ear to the streets. It was a stress release and a way to speak when injustice showed its fake face. Now it’s dark skinned cats objectifying light skinned ladies because many think that is what sells. Why hasn’t there been a Hip Hop battle tournament where everybody is signed up to win the grand prize? How about the bravado this game gave to the world in all unapologetic measure and the rebellious consciousness with an earned responsibility to kick start the next best?  Yeah, I hear you. Times are definitely different, but cats are calling themselves superstars with pacifiers in their mouths…running around wylin’ like little bad ass kids…while the sucker consumers grab that bullshit up like its the second coming of My MelodyPlease. Give me a loop of Black Steel in the Hour of Chaos and some popcorn until the real game comes on. It’s like the game became the ghost of the NBA dunk contest. A contest where all the stars sit on the sideline while the young bulls you’ve never heard of battle as the shook-to-lose use mystery to maintain their street cred. Think of it as if a cat like Rudy Gay — with all his explosiveness and ability — never becoming the player we all thought he can become and that’s the rap game currently in its totality. If you dig deeper, the scope of the game will open before your eyes. P-Money, Statik Selektah and Alchemist and Prodigy’s projects have all been in my heavy rotation and things have even opened up more from there. The aforementioned are my alternative to that trash on the radio. As a result, I’m a big Skyzoo fan right now because of the content and a flow I see suiting the future as his life matures.




He’s my kind of lyricist because he says real things and doesn’t play to an insecure crowd, but neither does Kendrick. I dig the classic cats that speak before and after their current generational footing. Lyricists knowing their history because they want to also become it. Quite honestly, anyone who says they haven’t been down with Kendrick since Rigamortis, obviously Section 80 and most definitely GKMC is smoking that 80’s crack. My thoughts are that K Dot took the baton Jay Z unpretentiously tossed to Hip Hop in his compelling interview (Part 1, Part II) with Elliot Wilson a few weeks ago. Jay spoke of being a competitor with still something to show and prove. If the HNIC says that, how can the field not step up and give the fans a charged reason to move? Big Sean…you have some splainin’ to do why Control won’t be on Hall of Fame, but we understand:


So chill on the historic stuff. Kendrick just gave us all a juggernaut punch in the face to wake up and understand what Hip Hop is and what Hip Hop shouldn’t be. It all seemed to be dictated by the higher ups, the radio programmers and the critics. Hopefully, it’s over for that and Kendrick is the cat in the huddle with the game on the line trying to fire up all the cats looking in the stands at all the groupies waving. Focus brothas, focus. The horn has sounded, so please take back control of the game.  Kendrick Lamar knows his time on this level is real and that if an opportunity to stamp his name on the game is squandered, how the hell is he to metaphorically acquire his Bey and be cool with Barack chillin’ at 1600 Avenue? I kid, but his passionate and talented performance on Control is unmistakable, so nothing can be taken for granted and deemed impossible.

Go get it Kendrick. Bet that brotha. Bet that. It’s going to be really interesting to see who is really poised for the get back.

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6 Responses to “Tip-Off 8/13/13 (featuring Big Sean, Kendrick Lamar and Jay Electronica): K Dot’s verse on Control is just a Hip Hop wake up call”

  1. Origin says:

    Whats up Mizzo. Lamar’s verse proves to folks in the mainstream that rap isn’t dead ( which underground folks always knew). But the down side is that most folks are more focused that Lamar mentioned names than his actual lyrics.

    I have listened to Lamar for years since he was underground and always knew of his lyrical content. The thing is that he was able to make it to mainstream and not have to water down his lyrics as many other kats have. It is also good that the mainstream is listening but they need to know that coming with lyrical verses like this is common practice in underground rap. Spitting versus like 2 chainz and Waka Flaka is a no no.

  2. Origin says:

    Also Mizzo have you checked out Run the Jewels? Mike and EL-P might have made an EP classic with this one. Might be my favorite CD over the last 12 months next to Sean P…Mic Tyson.

  3. D. N. says:

    Listened to Kendrick for the last few years and appreciate and enjoy his lyrics and to me he is one of the best. I think of this as a challenge, not a diss. People that are coming out with “angry” responses are probably just pissed they didnt get mentioned in it. He didnt diss the OGs. He told the truth and it was clever and hot.

  4. Sure you have DN. You’re so right.

  5. What up O! Yeah I’m back in effect as you see and how the hell did I forget that EP? I’m gettng old brother. Popping it in right now. Good looks.

  6. gerard says:

    I still don’t understand why everyone is so hype over a simple 16.. Unlike a lot of people I’ve been riding with K.Dot since before he dropped Section 80…. But nothing about this verse was ground breaking at all. A rapper talked shit and basically said “I’m better than all of you”.. So?? Rappers have been doing that since the dawn of time, that’s the essence of hip hop. The only real positive I see is maybe these newer MC’s will actually worry about the lyrics more so than the beat/producer and the hook.

    On another note, I don’t know why my WordPress login doesn’t work on this website…. Hmmmmm