@TSFSports links for 8/15/13 (featuring Kindred The Family Soul): Has there ever been a more bleak time for Philly sports?


Can’t remember it ever being this bad in Philly.

Philadelphia Eagles: 4-12, 4th in NFC East Division

Philadelphia 76’ers: 34-48, 4th in Atlantic Division

Philadelphia Flyers: 23-22, 4th in Eastern Conference

Philadelphia Phillies: 53-67, 4th in NL Eastern Division


That’s a lot of 4th’s huh? Help me out here. Has there ever been a worst time for Philly sports? Think through time and you’ll find that at least one team in the Philly bunch was at least holding the city down if the other teams sucked. I guess you could say the Flyers at 23-22 are the city’s only reason to smile during the calender year…but who is ever good with any team being mediocre in Philadelphia?

The Eagles are a total question mark and still haven’t publicized who the starting quarterback will be for the upcoming season. I see Vick “winning” the job basically because he’s mobile enough to run new head coach Chip Kelly’s system and the ball still snaps out of his hand. Is the defense going to hold up to be respectable in the always powerful NFC East? Does anyone know? Not looking good for the Eagles but of course they could surprise. This is a team that wins games when folks think they will lose and the energy of new blood will spark a fans charge but when an incoming free agent calls out the defense as Cary Williams did recently, concern is an understatement.

The Sixers were a total disaster last season. Their top free agent, Andrew Bynum, never played a game because of bad knees (that everyone knew he had coming into the year) and is now in Cleveland, they traded a budding versatile superstar point guard in Jrue Holiday for another injured big man, Nerlins Noel. This is a team that had a lot going for it after defeating Chicago in the first round and taking Boston to 7 games in the Eastern Conference Semis just two years ago. Since then, this team was dismantled in the worse way. The Holiday trade was a shocker (did that really happen?) and Jrue was the 2nd All Star to be traded away in the last two years…their only All Star players. I guess the expectation is to put the team in a spot to land Andrew Wiggins or Jabari Parker in the 2014 draft. Wiggins might not get out of Canada because he wants to stay home to play for the Raptors (he’s that good to dictate where he lands trust), so the Sixers could be doormats for years until the young talent left somehow can develop. This team is in serious trouble. Good luck Brett Brown. Are you sure you want to buy a house in the area though?

Don’t do it bro…

Phillies fans have probably the worst fall of any Philly team. After winning the World Series in 2008 — the first of any Philadelphia team since the Sixers won in 1983, and losing to the Yankees in 2009 – the bottom has fallen completely out. Roy Haladay, Cliff Lee, Cole Hamels and the departed Roy Oswalt were spoke of being potentially the best ever rotation in the history of Major League baseball in 2010. Ryan Howard and Chase Utley have missed major time the last few years and 13 year SS Jimmy Rollins will probably be placed on the waiver wire…hell most of the team will…but has a no trade clause. Howard won’t be picked up because of his contract and it’s inexplicable that Utley was re-upped given his knees are shot. The consensus opinion is that Ruben Amaru has done a horrible job and not making any moves at the deadline means this team isn’t getting any better. Domonic Brown is a bright spot and how long will Uncle Charlie Manuel last in this the most critical of sports towns?

The Philadelphia Flyers are young and most thought with Claude Giroux this team would contend for the Stanley Cup last season. Big disappointment and Philly scored only 49 points in 48 games. Goaltender Ilya Bryzgalov made this team decidedly worse on defense, and the hope is the combination of Ray Emery and Steve Mason will get this team back in contention by keeping the Flyers close to win the games it needs to late. Vinny Lecavalier and Mark Streit — both former captains — were brought in to lead and help a young team expected to be a lot better this season. This is the only team here to actually be optimistic heading into training camp.

My bad Philly. We live and die in our sports teams and it’s really not looking good even from my optimistic eyes. Over the years, I’ve seen the champions and I’ve seen the cellar dwellers. A bright spot for me was the late great Tug McGraw speaking at my Little League banquet. The teams here since those days have dangled playoff cheese in front of our faces only to be snatched away by laughing hands of oh so close and almost did it squads.

Y’all gave Andy Reid and Donovan McNabb a lot of heat the last few years they were together and judging by the ever increasing shadow of the Grim Reaper lurking around every Philly block from South Street to Manayunk and South Jersey to Delaware County, I assure you those years of Eagles success that buoyed Philly will be missed. Until then, enjoy the flashbacks of remember whens…


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