@TSFSports links for 8/19/13 (feat. Talib Kweli): No one could have warned Pam Oliver?

Pam-Oliver-Packers-Cardinals-Wildcard2So…before I crashed last night, I checked twitter for links to the post before you and happened across this video of Pam Oliver hit in the face by a Chandler Harnish pass. While there is a receiver directly behind her, the dude in front of Oliver fails to warn her that a football is about to hit the FOX sideline reporter despite looking directly into the field of play. I’m surprised he didn’t skip out of the way, scream, say ew or straight up faint with his punk ass. Besides him, the pass looked way out of bounds, Chandler Harnish wasn’t under any pressure (looked to be pregame) and people are everywhere on the sideline, so how in the hell did no one warn her what was about to go down? Like little league out fielders having the ability to throw a baseball into a bucket placed at home plate, quarterbacks just don’t miss targets when not under pressure. Come on Chandler Harnish. I guess this is why you are a back up…

The whole thing stinks of contrivance…

To the links:

Dempster hits ARod with pitch. Boston cheers. ARod has last laugh and hits bomb in Yankees 9-6 victory (New York Daily News).

Slugger Jose Dariel Abreu’s presumed defection leaves ‘hole’ in Cuba (NBC News).

Oscar Pistorius is indicted on murder charge (NYT).

Dustin Keller done for the season (Miami Herald).

In a small Illinois town, a history of failed, ignored rape investigations and hundreds of untested rape kits (The Grio).

E-cigarettes: The growing popularity of an unregulated drug delivery device (Science Based Medicine).

Skyzoo responds to Kendrick with Along The Way (audiomack).

Immortal Technique discusses Akon’s “Africa” comment (YouTube).

Hilary Clinton says drugs can’t be legalized because “there is just too much money in it” (mexidata.info).

Toni Braxton has a wardrobe malfunction on stage and has fun with it (Black America Web).

Pastor says no to women wearing weaves in church (Americanpreachers.com).

Talib discusses the hot topic in Hip Hop, the Kendrick Lamar Control verse


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