@TSFSports links for 8/20/13 (featuring Lee Thompson Young): Suicide is the cruelest pain

leethompsonSad news when anyone dies, but when someone commits suicide, it hits me hardest. Actor Lee Thompson Young, 29, reportedly took his own life Monday morning. He became known as The Famous Jett Jackson and also as football star Chris Comer in the stellar movie, Friday Night Lights. He most recently played detective Barry Frost in TNT’s Rizzoli & Isles. I saw it early this morning when a dear friend posted the news on facebook. We don’t know why Young killed himself and to speculate anything until more is known would be premature. Personally, when my Mom did the same, it changed the lives of my sister and I. We think of her every single day and it’s been 25 years. The pain is cruel because it never goes away and is the emptiest of nothingness. His loved ones are asking many questions of themselves, but they must understand Lee came to this realization on his own and having guilt from such a fatal outcome will only cause more pain as the years go by. Pain that will in turn affect the people around you because of your despondence in times they need you. If you know of someone going through something, please reach out to them.

Talk to them as much as they allow and even if they push you away, stay near because they need you more than anything at such a critical time in their life. Do not take time for granted by laughing it off because it makes you uncomfortable, for when folks are gone, they are gone. There is no coming back. There are no good times of laughter to memory. There is no beautiful smile that gave your day brightness. We are in a time where survival of self seems to be paramount to anything else on this earth. If you care about someone, you will seek to know why they are helplessly in pain. Please help them see a bad time through. If you are considering taking your own life, please reach out to the people you love and also call the the suicide prevention hotline at 1-800-273-8255.


Rest in paradise good sir.

The links…

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Travel well Lee Thompson Young…


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  1. CN says:

    He (and your mom) must have been so sad. If humans have souls, I hope his and hers found peace.