@TSFSports links for 8/21/13 (featuring Kem) Happy Birthday Wilt Chamberlain (Commentary)

Posted in Blogroll on August 21st, 2013 by Michael Tillery

Wilt Chamberlain

Look, up in the sky…

The past. How do we objectively sort history comparative to the present and even the future? Do we merely allow the past to float away like the leaves falling off trees while somehow forgetting the next generation of seeds? Do we over-exaggerate the past by embellishing facts just so history remains relevant and even superior to what is now? Is it wrong to ask and debate whether Wilt or Mike is the GOAT? Is Wilt Chamberlain gone from your sports measure simply because he’s not alive and little footage is available to give him the proper and in many cases a cynical eye test? If Wilt were alive on this day, his birthday, what position would he play? What was his go to move? How would he be perceived by society? What is your perception of him? Would he dominate? Would you be shocked by his chill demeanor? Could you honestly say without question that he couldn’t score 100 points today?

Happy Birthday Mr. Chamberlain.

Let’s have a little chat people…

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