@TSFSports links for 8/22/13 (featuring Chuck Brown and Antionette Tuff) Pick your dream NFL skill positions

Posted in Blogroll on August 22nd, 2013 by Michael Tillery


Hate  him now, but he’s only going to get scary better…

You own the team, so here’s your shot to build a classic winner. Pick one quarterback, two running backs, three receivers and one tight end. Pick from different eras or rock with players from the current NFL. Pick whoever you want. Here’s my squad…do judge me…

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Why the farm system matters: The trouble with the New York Yankees

Posted in Blogroll on August 22nd, 2013 by Okori Wadsworth


The old immortals wait for the next generation. How long will it take?

The New York Yankees are a lot of things. The Bronx Bombers are a truly dynastic franchise known the world over — with enough championships to fill an extra-large trophy case. Yankee Stadium is the home and resting place of some of baseball’s true immortals, and also more great postseason moments than I could dare to list.  For all of the success and glory, there is one thing that the Yankees have been far too rarely, and it is killing them this year. Since free agency took over professional sports, the Yankees haven’t been terribly skilled at developing players, and this fact is destroying their chances this season.

Actually, the reason for it is quite simple as I will explain. It starts with their current run of success, and the ways and means of continuing that success has created a brutal catch-22 among their fans.

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