@TSFSports links for 8/26/13 (featuring Marvin Gaye) What the hell is going on with pop culture?


Yeah this image of Will Smith and his fam pretty much summed up what most thought of Miley Cyrus’ performance.

“People people, we gotta get over before we go under.”

The answer to the question the title is asking is obvious, but it should be asked right?

I had to watch a portion the MTV VMA’s for an interview today and wish I hadn’t.  I honestly got up and took a short walk after Miley Cyrus went alien-molly-Mike Jordan-with-the-tongue-thing, so I didn’t see most of the show. Where’s her Pop?

I’m not going to pile on a young girl finding her way, but last night was disgusting. She can’t sing and she definitely can’t dance, but she’s on the stage while other more deserving artists are not…in Brooklyn of all places?

How can you have an event in Brooklyn and not represent the borough to the fullest? The VMA’s could have been a great tribute to Hip Hop and a contribution to a culture MTV has consistently bastardized since Hip Hop went mainstream. Not this time and probably not ever because yet another opportunity to further musical creativity and showcase true talent is lost within a corporate narrative shaping money grab.


The entire show seemed like a gentrified exercise in the most shallowest braggadocio. As if saying, “Fuck you Brooklyn! This is how we do and you will like it.” Nah, MTV will continue to create its own history, but those truly loving music will see it all so very differently. I know we most likely saw our era of awards shows with similar cynical eyes and surely our parents did the same, but folks winning awards now without seriously making a spell binding (yeah I meant spell binding) impact seems to be the norm. According to twitter, Cyrus was mentioned 4.5 million times and I’m sure most of the tweets weren’t very complimentary.

But…you know how this works and even spectacles of the worst kind create superstars these days…while the most elite talent count their pocket change and try not to become bitter. What a shame.

Where has the talent gone? Somehow, we gotta get it back. Please?

To the links…

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Fat Joe – The Darkside 3 (Mixtape) (Nah Right).

Yeah, I know it’s Monday, but play it cool good people…

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  1. CN says:

    “The entire show seemed like a gentrified exercise in the most shallowest braggadocio.” Exactly!