Ron Glover’s Week 1 NFL Power Rankings: Which team gets off on the good foot?


Expect more magic from Colin Kaepernick as the 49ers unquestioned starter?

I’m not really a big supporter of Power Rankings before Week 1, but I know everyone is pumped for the season and is curious to know where there team stands. The season opener between the Super Bowl Champion Baltimore Ravens and the Denver Broncos is several hours away.

Here are my Week 1 Power Rankings now.

1. San Francisco 49ers – I didn’t need to see much from Colin Kaepernick to put the Niners at the top. 

2. Baltimore Ravens – Say what you will about the Denver Broncos, this is the best team in the AFC. I’m counting on another Super Bowl appearance.

3. Green Bay Packers – Somehow, I believe the Packers end up in the Super Bowl.

4. Denver Broncos – The Broncos will finish with the NFL’s best record before disappointing in the end.

5. Atlanta Falcons – If the defense doesn’t carry its weight, the Falcons are done.

6. New England Patriots – No team wants to hit someone in another jersey worse than the Patriots.

7. Houston Texans – Arian Foster’s carries will drop this season. Andre Johnson will have a bounce back year.

8. Seattle Seahawks – Where are the receivers on this team? Can the defense provide an encore?

9. New Orleans Saints – Sean Payton’s return is worth 2-3 wins and possibly the NFC South.

10. New York Giants – Why would I think Tom Coughlin couldn’t get the job done with a shotty backfield?

11. Cincinnati Bengals – Could be this year’s Seattle Seahawks,

12. Pittsburgh Steelers – Mike Tomlin will find a way to get his team back in the hunt.

13. Indianapolis Colts – The Colts made some veteran additions, but they’re a year away from making a championship run.

14. Washington Redskins – I believe RG III is healthy, but I’m worried that he may be too jacked up to prove he’s back. Brian Orakpo’s return is huge.

15. Dallas Cowboys – No player in the NFL is under more pressure than Tony Romo to win big this season.

16. Chicago Bears – Jay Cutler is an injury or a bad stretch away from losing it all in the Windy City.

17. Tampa Bay Buccaneers – Josh Freeman has to be the model of consistency in order for the Bucs to keep him.

18. Kansas City Chiefs – Andy Reid will win in Kansas City this year.

19. Carolina Panthers – The Panthers let too many close games get away from them last season, that has to change immediately.

20. Minnesota Vikings – Adrian Peterson claiming he can rush for 2,500 yards speaks volumes about the Vikes passing attack.

21. St. Louis Rams – Tavon Austin is a stud who will remind many of Az-Zahir Hakim

22. Miami Dolphins – The Dolphins probably won’t begin to make a surge until mid-season, but they are a team to watch.

23. Tennessee Titans – Chance Womack is a one-man wall with a door to a 2,000 yard season for Chris Johnson.

24. Arizona Cardinals – Tyrann Mathieu will get the last laugh.

25. Detroit Lions – The Lions defense can be great if the secondary is effective. Reggie Bush may have finally found a home.

26. Philadelphia Eagles – Chip Kelly hasn’t revealed his hand with his offense. He needs to cut his defensive hand off.

27. Buffalo Bills – Slow and steady are two words E.J. Manuel needs to repeat throughout the season.

28. San Diego Chargers – It’s time for Antonio Gates to salvage his Hall of Fame career and get out of San Diego.

29. Cleveland Browns – Trent Richardson will continue to shine in Cleveland.

30. Oakland Raiders – Terrelle Pryor will be the starter by Week 5.

31. New York Jets – Geno Smith has to cast his nerves aside and play like the job is his.

32. Jacksonville Jaguars – Did Maurice Jones-Drew really make a stink out of wanting to remain in Jacksonville?


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  1. DN says:

    well done – so hard to predict right now