Friday Fire: Who wins the Super Bowl?


Can Minnesota really be that good with Adrian Peterson carrying most of the load?

You saw what Peyton Manning did against Baltimore and Julius Thomas looks incredible. Throwing 462 yards and 7 touchdowns on opening night is as ridiculous as it gets, and in coming out the box so stellar, Denver served the league notice that it is and will be a Super Bowl favorite every week of the season. Many teams are in the mix. Here are projected postseason award winners. Who goes to and wins the Super Bowl?

NFC East

Dallas Cowboys – 13-3 Jerry Jones and Tony Romo pull it all together.

New York Giants – 12-4 Always contenders.

Philadelphia Eagles – 11-5 Mike Vick performs with comfort.

Washington Redskins – 10-6 Good, but not good enough.


NFC North

Green Bay Packers – 14-2 Aaron Rodgers and those receivers?

Chicago Bears – 11-5 Just a typical Bears year.

Minnesota Vikings – 11-5 All Day goes record breaker.

Detroit Lions – 7-9 Maybe next year Detroit.


NFC South

Atlanta Falcons – 11-5 Gaudy, but where’s the ring?

Carolina Panthers – 10-6 Cam Newton gets help from his teammates.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers – 10-6 Darrelle Revis gets it back.

New Orleans Saints – 10-6 Defense still a concern.


NFC West

San Francisco 49’ers – 10-6 Not so fast Colin Kaepernick.

Seattle Seahawks – 10-6 Not as easy as thought huh Russell Wilson?

St. Louis Rams – 8-8 Will be mediocre until a star is born in St. Louis.

Arizona Cardinals – 7-9 I think I overrated AZ at 7-9.


AFC East

New England Patriots – 13-3 Sweatshirt Bill trots out another winner.

Miami Dolphins – 10-6 Miami moves up another rung.

Buffalo Bills – 7-9 E. J. Manuel shines, but he’s in Buffalo.

New York Jets – 7-9 Geno Smith’s hair will be grey next week.


AFC North

Cincinnati Bengals – 12-4 Marvin Lewis is a true professional.

Pittsburgh Steelers – 11-5 Who steps into James Harrison’s shoes?

Baltimore Ravens – 8-8 It was all good just a week ago.

Cleveland Browns – 7-9 Trent Richardson runs for 1,800.


AFC South

Indianapolis Colts – 9-7 Andrew Luck becomes a stud.

Houston Texans – 8-8 Schizophrenia.

Tennessee Titans – 6-10 Jake Locker fights for his job.

Jacksonville Jaguars – 3-13 Tim Tebow is available.


AFC West

Denver Broncos – 14-2 I’m sold, but can DEN get past NE in AFC?

Kansas City Chiefs – 11-5 Andy Reid runs the ball.

Oakland Raiders – 7-9 Next year Terrelle Pryor.

San Diego Chargers – 7-9 Phillip Rivers’ job is on the line.


NFC Wildcard teams : New York and Philadelphia

AFC Wildcard teams: Pittsburgh and Kansas City


NFC Championship: Dallas Cowboys over Green Bay

AFC Champion: Denver Broncos over New England Patriots


Super Bowl Champion: Dallas Cowboys


6 Responses to “Friday Fire: Who wins the Super Bowl?”

  1. Steven M says:

    Only 8 teams with a losing record? Only one in the NFC? How does that work?

  2. Detroit is 7-9 and parity is something I alluded to here.

  3. Steven M says:

    Parity is fine. Everyone knows the league wants parity. But in your predictions for this year, you have NFL teams winning 300 games and losing 200. Final records (wins & losses) need to add up to the same number. And you predict 20 teams with winning records and only 8 with losing records. How is that even possible? And even if it was possible, which it isn’t, how would that illustrate parity? That would illustrate a big imbalance, not parity.

  4. Besides calling me a mathematical dumbass, do you have any comment on the standings and end result?

    The post was more about where the teams are placed and obviously how that would affect the playoffs.

  5. Steven M says:

    Not really. Except, I certainly don’t think Dallas is ever gonna win the Super Bowl as long as: Jerry Jones is the owner, his son is the GM, Garrett is the “coach”, Callahan is calling the plays, a senile pensioner is DC and Romo is playing QB.

  6. I hear you. That’s why I think they will win it. Dez Bryant will be almost impossible to cover and when he catches the ball look out and protect yourself at all times. He’s just one man, but this team can’t be simply “paper” relevant forever can they?