Mizzo’s @TSFSports Week 3 NFL Predictions: King Reed returns to Baltimore


Makes his first start today vs. his former team.

So many close games, so many yards gained and so many surprises in the first two NFL weeks. No game is a true Game of the Week, but some interesting match-ups are on the schedule. Will Pittsburgh and the New York Football Giants both go 0-3? How will King Reed respond looking across the sideline at his former teammates? Will DC bounce back after giving up 1k yards in the first two games? What the hell is going on in Tampa Bay? Did Cleveland mortgage its future or strengthen it? I say the former. Word to The Sports Brothers, Branson Wright and Delvis Valentine. Denver looks like a monster than eats up monsters and will the versatility of Terrelle Pryor be just another challenge to digest?

Let’s see…

1:00 games EST

Texans (2-0) at Ravens (1-1)

Ed Reed returns to the team he gave his heart and soul and his Ravens brother Ray Lewis will be honored at halftime. The Ravens are 19-2 in their last 21 home affairs. That all being said Ray Rice is out, so I’m picking the Texans 28-26. Blame Andy Reid. Yeah, I don’t get how that’s relevant either.

Browns (0-2) at Vikings (0-2)

After the shocking trade that sent Trent Richardson – the 3rd pick in the 2012 draft – to Indy, whispers abound that Cleveland is tanking the season merely to get a shot at Jadeveon Clowney. I’m sure fans find no solace in that possibility, so tempers will be rising amongst Browns fans. Jordan Cameron is a fine young tight end for Cleveland. He’s caught 14 balls for 203 yards and a touchdown the first two games, but Minny Nice blows the doors off the Browns. Adrian Peterson goes for 150 and 3 to the house. 35-17.

Giants (0-2) at Panthers (0-2)

New York crushed Cam Newton and the Panthers in a nationally televised game at Met Life Stadium last year. Despite all the run game issues, the Giants can’t go 0-3 can they? Just too much haplessness going on in New York, so I’m picking Carolina in an upset 26-10.

Packers (1-1) at Bengals (1-1)

Looks like the game of the day, so this should be an air show right? Of course Aaron Rodgers and the Pack will do their thing, but will Andy Dalton and A.J. Green? Hell yes…even more so than Green Bay. It’s a home team thing. 33-30. Word to Reggie Williams.

Rams (1-1) at Cowboys (1-1)

I picked Dallas to win it all. My Philly mind hopes this was some sort of psychological ploy that will buoy the Eagles to the pinnacle. Truth be told, it’s all about Dez Bryant. DeMarco Murray ran for 253 the last time these teams played, but if Tony Romo targets Dez 12-14 times all over the field, it’s Dallas in a rout. This will happen. 36-17.

Lions (1-1) at the DC team that won’t be named here (0-2)

Let me get this out of the way and say that RG3 will be fine. It’s just going to take time. Stop tripping, but today he will witness the fury of Megatron and wish the incredible force out of Georgia Tech was a Chocolate City citizen. DC has given up 1,023 yards in the first two games, so don’t be surprised if Calvin Johnson breaks Flipper Anderson’s single game yardage record of 336…today. Reggie Bush is out, so look for balls to fly all over the field in the passing game. DC is reeling on both sides of the ball, and the last thing they need to see is yet another talented offense wanting to put the ball in the air. RG3 throws for 300, but Matthew Stafford throws for 4 bills and Detroit goes home a winner. 42-27.

Buccaneers (0-2) at Patriots (2-0)

Another game that looks like a lock. So much drama going on in Tampa Bay and Sweatshirt Bill is the perfect coach to put the Bucs out of their misery for yet another week. It’s a shame about Josh Freeman, because he has all the tools to become a great quarterback. It just won’t happen under Greg Shiano though and Darrelle Revis might be having second thoughts of signing on the dotted line. Shiano needs to go back to college and Belichik today will be his chauffeur. Tampa has lost two games on the final play but will get handled today. 36-22.

Cardinals (1-1) at Saints (2-0)

New Orleans has been lucky as hell and should actually be 0-2 in the NFC South after barely defeating the Falcons and the aforementioned Bucs. Wins are wins and the engine is slowly becoming the well oiled offensive machine it always has been in the Crescent City under Payton and Brees. Maybe it’s Bob Ryan’s fire combined with the return of business as usual after all the suspensions of last season, but whatever is the case, this team is about to be scary. Carson Palmer makes the Saints D look good. 27-17.

Chargers (1-1) at Titans (1-1)

Many have mentioned this week of the Titans inability to beat San Diego. The year was 1992 the last time Tennessee was victorious vs. the Chargers and the Titans at that time in their history were the Houston Oilers. I think San Diego is fools golden after two games and teams will find a way to make Antonio Gates less of an option for Phillip Rivers. Chris Johnson goes for 120 and a couple touchdowns in a Tennessee much relieved win. 28-24.

4:00 games EST

Falcons (1-1) at Dolphins (2-0)

Joe Philbin’s squad has slowly but surely changed the perception in Miami. This team is real. Defense is sticking cats and the offense under Ryan Tannehill is sufficient. He’s a little banged up, but he’ll have the offense just as succinct as it has been early this season. Julio Jones is a monster and will do monster things no matter the opponent, but Miami rejoices today because of the consistency Philbin demands. Stephen Jackson is out, so Miami 26-21.

Bills (1-1) at Jets (1-1)

C. J. Spiller rocks the Jets. I’m sure Rex Ryan’s game plan includes changing the style of that fact. E. J. Manuel has been consistent the first two weeks and could be 2-0 as a rookie starter. Geno Smith is running for his cotdamn life and combined with all the receiver drops, New York’s offense has straight sucked. Hard to go against the new train chugging along in Buffalo so I won’t. 20-13.

Colts (1-1) at 49ers (1-1)

Coming off a stinging loss to rival Seattle, San Francisco has to be mad as hell. Unfortunately for the banged up Colts, the Niners will be in Andrew Luck’s face all day long. Trent Richardson, coming off a shocking trade to the Colts, will give Indy hope behind that shoddy line, but San Francisco gets back on track today. 42-24.

Jaguars (0-2) at Seahawks (2-0)

No need spending any time on this game. Honestly, the 12 man in Seattle could beat the sorry Jags. 28-0.

Sunday Night Football 8:30 game EST

Bears (2-0) at Steelers (0-2)

Interesting game because if Pittsburgh goes 0-3, any shot of the playoffs might already be a fantasy that won’t come true.  9.5 points a game just isn’t going to get anything done for the Steelers. I can’t see anything changing all of the sudden vs. the formidable Bears and Matt Forte re-energized legs. 21-14.

Monday Night Football. 8:40 pm EST

Raiders (1-1) at Broncos (2-0)

If Terrelle Pryor and Darren McFadden do anything, the world will be shocked. If I were Oakland, I’d just let it loose and see what happens. The Denver Broncos look like juggernauts so far this season and I don’t see anything changing today. The Pryor education continues vs. the best regular season quarterback to ever do it in Peyton Manning. 35-14.

3 Responses to “Mizzo’s @TSFSports Week 3 NFL Predictions: King Reed returns to Baltimore”

  1. mapoui says:

    Carolina all over NYG. my early impression of the Giants is now fully borne out.

    the Giants is a fully jaded team, jaded to their core. and it ‘s centre is Eli himself. Eli is totally unmotivated, not hungry, sated. and the Giants take cue from him.

    time for Reese to re-tool. Time for Coughlin to move on too. he has done his bit for king and country. he has been one of the best ever but like Landry and Noll before him, it seems his time has come.

    Tampa fired Rahim Morris for what…Schiano?

    I suspect Greg Schiano is not a well man. how sane is it to take over a team, attack your QB, rob him of his confidence, but have no alternative to him ready to step in.

    Schiano’s ill-logic is stunning. and ownership supposedly keen on winning, with tons of money invested in a billion dollar business did this and sit around and let the insanity continue while the team looses.

    I guess there is still lot about major league football I don’t know and understand

  2. Miranda says:

    I was not expecting that thrashing the giants took yesterday…but it helped my picks for the week!

  3. mapoui says:

    I got killed this week. the only thing of note I did was to get the Colts to beat the Niners.

    I figured the beating Seattle put on the Niners got to their minds and they would not recover quickly. they were sitting ducks for a rising Colts team with the Richardson boost.

    I got that right but fell completely apart afterwards. ha ha hahaha

    to demonstrate… I had a sense about that Cleveland game..that the Browns would suprise..but did not have the courage to follow my instinct. I usually do but not this time.

    then again I don’t trust the Vikings this year. last year the Vikes told us they were a coming team. but between then and now they have gone backwards. I suspect that Fraser is toast if he does not win this year