Ron Glover’s @TSFSports NFL Q&A: What in the hell is goin’ on out there!


Since their Week 1 victory, life has been rough on Colin Kaepernick and the 49ers.

I don’t know about anyone else, but Week 3 in the National Football League has left me scratching my head. The reason the Giants and Steelers are sitting at 0-3 is due to a lack of an effective running game — leaving their brittle signal callers at the mercy of five and six man rushes. Someone should tell the Broncos and Patriots the Chiefs and Dolphins aren’t going away.
Lay off Colin Kaepernick, he’ll be fine.

1. Are the Giants and Tom Coughlin finished?

Tom Coughlin’s feet have been held to the fire more than once during his decade in the Meadowlands. When the chips were stacked, The General was always to trigger something in his players. This season the chips are stacked early and he doesn’t have the same bunch he counted on to win Super Bowls XLII and XLVI. I don’t know if Coughlin has been tuned out just yet, but there are some leadership issues in that group. The only saving grace is the NFC East is anyone’s race with Dallas sure to hit a lull and Philly and Washington still trying to gain their footing.

2. Why all the shade towards Colin Kaepernick?

Sixteen starts into his NFL career and San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick is being given the Vince Young treatment. Kaepernick was probably the most celebrated player in the league this off-season. Photo shoots with ESPN The Magazine, GQ and a night at the ESPYS can strengthen the lens on the microscope. Kap and the Niners offense has struggled, scoring only ten points since defeating the Green Bay Packers 34-28 in Week 1. Coach Jim Harbaugh needs to continue to play to Kap’s strengths. I don’t see the same player as last season.

3. What’s on Von Miller’s mind?

Von Miller may look studious in his black rimmed glasses, but the Denver Broncos defensive standout has been anything but after hearing about his recent attempt to doctor a league-mandated drug test. Two seasons ago, Miller was the NFL Defensive Rookie of the Year and an All-Pro. I don’t know if the Broncos brass will be willing to put all of their trust in a player who was and still could be on the fast track to a Hall of Fame career. Von Miller’s only roadblock is the face he sees in the mirror.

4. Were the 49ers wrong for playing Aldon Smith on Sunday and allowing him to enter rehab on Monday?

The Niners organization can dress this up all they want,but they were wrong for allowing Smith to play on Sunday against the Indianapolis Colts. Two days earlier, Smith was arrested for DUI. Nothing is more important than the player — not wins, not statistics, not ticket sales. The Niners thought Smith in the lineup would better their chances against the Colts at home. In the end, the Niners ended up looking bad on and off the field.

14 Responses to “Ron Glover’s @TSFSports NFL Q&A: What in the hell is goin’ on out there!”

  1. mapoui says:

    too much fete for Kapernick too early…he got jaded out right away?

    I think they figured they would whup up on Seattle but ran into a wall they never thought was there…never saw, never figured out before.

    a lot came clear to the Niners last week in Seattle… thing for sure… that they are not going to the Super bowl again this season.

    very depressing for the Niners…like a badass fighter running into an opponent who beats him…and during the whupping he realises that he cant beat that guy at all..under any circumstances.

    and Kapernick was completely stuffed, shut down, reduced to futility on the field. that could do something bad to a players’ confidence..a youth who up to then must have seen himself as god. now he knows he isn’t.

    right! he will take some time to process the experience. hopefully with success. he is great to look at when going well.

    so ‘Frisco is trying to regroup in mission futile. hard for sure…and they can get beat in the meantime by many teams with their guard down.

    oh well. that’s life!

  2. mapoui says:

    I should also note that the Niners are very injury struck at the moment and that’s not helping big time.

    yet that loss to Seattle was comprehensive

  3. mapoui says:

    So!! Racist Schiano got his man.

    what’s the way forward here now?

    Freeman will get his money remaining, and will likely not be picked up by any other Vince Young these past 2 years

    but before that Freeman should announce his retirement from the NFL, upon which he would embark on a successful but careful, cautious program of investment, focused on making a billion plus…buying sports teams on the way..maybe even one for which Schiano works in future.

    now would that not be the sweetest of develoments?

  4. mapoopie says:

    Josh Freeman has absolutely sucked for 2 seasons. The numbers don’t lie. It is also well known that he has lost the respect of his teammates, and for good reasons, both on and off the field. Racism? I don’t think so.

  5. mal tucker says:

    Who wants this one?

  6. mapoui says:

    be my guest!


  7. mapoui says:

    I saw at least 3 catches dropped last week of Freeman…good catchable tosses. and I understand there was at least one more

    ok! so Freeman lost the support of his team mates. with all the dropped catches maybe you are right.

    but lets see them play their hearts out this weekend for the coach and the new white boy behind centre. I am paying keen attention.

    and again…. I am the expert at sussing racism mapooppi. you are the racist but I can see you every time. you cant hide.

  8. mapoui says:

    anyhow…this is a very simple issue indeed..the racism quite evident.

    that Schiano attacked Freeman is all the proof necessary. there was no need for that for any reason at all

    Why do that is Freeman is no good…or not good enough. there is one measurement in the NFL as in all money sports…you are good enough or you are not. if you are not you go look for a job elsewhere.

    so all that’s necessary is to wait out players, judge them on the field, give them ample opportunity and let them prove it one way or another.

    { at the same time the coaches..must provide the proper framework in which to observe the player in action on the field of play, to get accurate impression of individual abilities and team fit. so the coach too is being judged }

    whichever way the player proves out he goes or stays. sometimes it’s a coach’s choice..sometimes a player cant fit, does not want to play for a particular team…Percy Harvin in Minnesota for example.

    so if Schiano did not want Freeman there is normal process in these things. make it known to your bosses that you want your own QB…not that yo don’t want Freeman but you want your own QB..when you sign your contract to coach. then you go get your QB and make preparatron to get rid of

    it is the attack on Freeman that exposed Schiano’s racism. plain and simple. there was no need for that at all. the man hates Freeman. that is as patently obvious as Fisher hated Vince Young.

    I have lived a long life in racism. I can see it now before it is expressed in any particular behavior of the racist. Schiano is so racist towards Freeman he can hardly contain. he appears even to not care if his team looses in the process diminishing Freeman. but I don’t know what goes on with the front office which may have promised him a chance despite the losing.

    Schiano is insane. I don’t know of any profession who behaves the way he has with when they encounter an emotional trauma in their work they simply cant handle rationally

    in this case that’s racism whoever you are…Schiano..racist through and through

    Freeman is a good, high potential QB who has been short-circuited. more than that Freeman is a fine young man, mannered, bright, personable, excellent! Freeman would/will pay his way at QB with any team

    Leslie Fraser should be paying close attention to developments in Tampa. if he wants to save his job in Minnesota he might want to take a chance on Freeman. Freeman is certainly a better prospect than Cassell and Ponder combined

  9. mapoui says:

    now all of he media is after Freeman who has been de-activated by Schiano.

    “if he wants to be a starter in the NFL next year he has to follow Alex Smith and eat all the crap Schiano has stuffed on his plate”

    even Herm Edwards on ESPN has been going on and on with that crap..yet Freeman’s situation is not remotely similar to Alex Smith in San Francisco.

    Smith got injured and lost his job to superlative play by substitute Kapernick. at no time was Smith under attack by coach and management seeking to destabilise his play. in fact Smith was selected from Singletary’s group of QBs and nurtured by the Niners coach to be their number one QB

    Smith lost out to a better player and a place where he fit was sought and found for Kansas City.

    Schiano not only attacked Freeman but he has sought to destroy his career, spreading the news that he is soft, not a hard worker.. and making it very difficult for him to find work elsewhere..the same demolition job that was done on Vince Young.

    and disgusting Herm Edwards is up there tooting that same bell about how Freeman should shut up, eat shit and hope for the best. absolute nonsense!

    Freeman is likely done in the NFL. no one will hire him now and Schiano knows that. that apparently is what he was after from the start..the destruction of a perfectly fine young black man.

    Freeman did the right thing…speaking his mind publicly, implying that a trade would be the best solution.

    but it does not matter..or did not matter what Freeman did. the man took a wrecking ball to his career and he had to fight back..must fight back. it does not matter if he regains his job or loses a chance at a trade. somebody must do it and I might as well be him…Freeman.

    I would not only build my case and attack Schiano and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, ending up with a gigantic lawsuit.

    and where the hell is the players union?

    isn’t there some sort of arbitration, rules and player protections worked out by the union for just this sort of situation.

    I asked that same question with regard to Vince Young! what in hell is the NFL players association all about if they are totally absent from a situation like this one?

  10. mapoui says:

    If Freeman does not get another job in the NFL he must explore the possiblity of a lawsuit for restraint of trade, racism and ever related charge upon which Schiano and the Buccaneers can be brought up on.

    he must sitting around with this nonsense. it must be stopped and the players union should be right smack behind Freeman’s back in this.

    I would make a donation if Freeman stands up. the time when insanities like Schiano and Fisher can destroy black players must must be ended.

    this here issue really sticks in my craw. and a jackass like poopi can talk about Freeman’s performance over time. which dam time he talking about? he can prove nothing of the sort. Freeman has been fine given the team he leads and the coaches provided for that team

  11. mapoui says:


    to me the heart of the matter is Schiano’s incompetence. the man is in over his head. grasping for a lifeboat he has focused on a figure who can be blamed for all the troubles of the team that he Schiano is either responsible for and or cant cope with.

    and in he process he has made the team much weaker by benching Freeman and inserting Glennon who from the glimpse of him I got yesterday also seems out of his depth.

    Schiano is really an insane type of person, a disaster who is capable only of making the riot he has accomplished in Tampa Bay. he has made a situation that required competent managing into a shambles..far, far worse than he met it.

    and this fact is somewhat covered up in all the noise about Freeman

    The Buccaneers will be lucky to win even one game this year.

    Schiano is not only racist he is also quite ill..and the ownership would do well to admit their mistake, fire him now, this minute, or they will be picking up the pieces well into 2016-17

  12. mapoopie says:

    Freeman lost his QB job because (1) he has stunk, (2) he hasn’t won. Apparently, if a black QB plays like crap and loses game after game, then according to TSF his dismissal is pure racism at its worst. Of course, if somebody like Mark Sanchez loses his starting job (which would’ve happened without the injury), well, that’s just because he deserved it. If anyone is racist around here it’s mapoui.

  13. mapoui says:

    this is Freemans record up to this year. every one of his previous 3 years to 2013 theres is improvement in Freeman’s performance as QB.

    those numbers are very very good..last year 4000 plus yards and 27 touchdowns. and while under attack from his coach

    this year with the coach’s attack intensified we have had a decline in Freeman’s performance..which is understandable.

    add in what has been reported as idiotic play calling by Schiano’s offensive staff..and some calls apparently calculated to make the QB look bad and what do we have…what is clearly sabotage of the QB..Freeman

    you need a case poops. try building one.. if indeed one from your point of view can be built

  14. mapoopie says:

    If any other team in the NFL thought that Josh Freeman was worth more than half-filled tube of BenGay sports balm, then that team would’ve traded for him. The fact is that nobody wants a poor performing, perpetually losing, bad attitude, drug addled depressed quarterback by Josh Freeman. The final proof of his worthlessness has been demonstrated by the other NFL teams. He was released outright today, after no willing trade partners emerged. And THAT is what the real experts think of your pal Josh Freeman. Case closed. You lose.