Ron Glover @TSFSports Week 4 NFL Predictions: Texans out to ground the 3-0 Seahawks

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Russell Wilson has led the Seahawks to daylight with a 3-0 start.

Interesting games on tap as the month of September closes out. A meeting between the Houston Texans and Seattle Seahawks is one we could see again in February. It may only be Week 4, but the Chicago Bears and Detroit Lions meeting has some meaning to it.  The NY Jets and Tennessee Titans have surprised us with 2-1 starts, but something has to give when they meet in Nashville. Monday Night has the undefeated Miami Dolphins visiting the rejuvenated and also undefeated New Orleans Saints.

Thursday Night:

San Francisco 49ers 35 – St. Louis Rams 11 – The Niners found their defensive groove in shutting down a pretty good Rams offense. The Niners held the home team out of the end zone until the fourth quarter when the game was well in hand. Offensively, San Francisco was able to get back on track as Colin Kaepernick passed for two scores and Frank Gore rushed for over 100 yards for the first time this season. Anquan Boldin caught five balls for 90 yards and a touchdown. The Niners improve to 2-2 and the Rams drop to 1-3.

Sunday September 29, 2013 1:00 pm:

Baltimore Ravens (2-1) at Buffalo Bills (1-2) – I believe the Bills give the Ravens a real scare today. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Bills win at home, but Ray Rice looks like a go today.

Ravens 24 – Bills 20

Arizona Cardinals (1-2) at Tampa Bay Buccaneers (0-3) – The Greg Schiano/Josh Freeman saga is playing out like Jeff Fisher/Vince Young a few seasons back. This team is in shambles, I have no doubt Darrelle Revis has his issues with the head coach as well. The Cards get Rashard Mendenhall back as Mike Glennon is now the starter in Tampa.

Cardinals 27 – Bucs 13

(In London) Pittsburgh Steelers (0-3) at Minnesota Vikings (0-3) – The loser of this game needs to find their way home minus any traveling mechanisms. The Steelers can’t run the ball and the Vikings passing game is poor.

Vikings 17 – Steelers 14

Steelers 16 NY Giants (0-3) at Kansas City Chiefs (3-0) – The Giants will score this week, but a heavy dose of Jamaal Charles will drop the G-Men to 0-4.

Chiefs 31 – Giants 17

Indianapolis Colts (2-1) at Jacksonville Jaguars (0-3) – We’ll see more of Trent Richardson this week as the Colts offense continues to round itself into a well-oiled machine.  

Colts 24 – Jags 16

Seattle Seahawks (3-0) at Houston Texans (2-1) – Should be a physical game. How will a nicked up Andre Johnson hold up against a tough Seattle secondary? J.J. Watt is looking to get in the way of the barely six-foot Russell Wilson.

Texans 23 – Seahawks 20 

Cincinnati Bengals (2-1) at Cleveland Browns (1-2) – There is a glimmer of optimism in Cleveland, but the Bengals are more than willing to rain on their rival’s parade.

Bengals 26 – Browns 13

Chicago Bears (3-0) at Detroit Lions (2-1) – Reggie Bush looks like he will return to the Lions lineup today. Calvin Johnson has just 17 receptions in his first three games, but the Lions are still ranked 4th in overall offense. The Bears have to produce turnovers (+6 this season) to grab a tough road win. 

Lions 27 – Bears 21

Games beginning at 4:05 pm or later:

NY Jets (2-1) at Tennessee Titans (2-1) – This is a much of a pick ’em as it gets. The Jets have Santonio Holmes back — who looks like he never left. This Titans defense is underrated and should be the difference in today’s contest.

Titans 20 – Jets 15

Washington (insert new name here) (0-3) at Oakland Raiders (1-2) – It’s quite possible Robert Griffin III won the Heisman Trophy intended for Terrelle Pryor — whose status for today has improved. Washington’s offense is under construction. No near-miss for the Raiders today.

Raiders 28 – Washington 17

Philadelphia Eagles (1-2) at Denver Broncos (3-0) – The Eagles should’ve spent the last ten days working the kinks out and not worrying about Peyton Manning. The Birds need to take time of the clock to have a shot in this one. Chip Kelly would rather have his nails pulled out with a pair of rusty pliers.

Eagles 31 – Broncos 28

Dallas Cowboys (2-1) at San Diego Chargers (1-2) – I’ve wondered how come Phillip Rivers hasn’t faced some of the scrutiny Tony Romo has? The Cowboys are running the ball well for the first time in a while, but Romo is still dropping back nearly 40 times per game.

Cowboys 23 – Chargers 18

New England Patriots (3-0) at Atlanta Falcons (1-2) – The Falcons are banged up with Steven Jackson out and Julio Jones listed as probable. Danny Amendola and Rob Gronkowski are questionable. This one comes down to the Pat’s run game against the Dirty’s run defense.

Falcons 24 – Patriots 17

Monday September 30, 2013 8:30 pm:

Miami Dolphins (3-0) at New Orleans Saints (3-0) – I really like this Dolphins team, but they can’t get into a slugfest with the Saints at home. Drew Brees and Sean Payton are gunning for 16-0 and the Miami Dolphins are in the way. 

Saints 33 – Dolphins 21

Week 2: 8-8

2013 Season: 20-12

10 Responses to “Ron Glover @TSFSports Week 4 NFL Predictions: Texans out to ground the 3-0 Seahawks”

  1. mapoui says:

    Hey POOPI! who is Dashon Goldson?

    is he one of the players who did not care for Freeman?

    unnecessary roughness looks like one for Josh to the yard line ensuring the losing field goal.

    ESPN said that Glennon gave Tamp the steady, unspectacular performance they had been looking for.

    yes! right! well if you want steadiness instead of winning performances then you destroy the confidence of your winner QB, then go look for Carson Palmer…. who apparently did not want to touch Schiano with a 10 foot pole….did not want to get near the man. bolted to Arizona as soon as it was possible

    then you settle for Glennon who could not stand Cards fire today. wait for when he meets the monster defensive lines

    Now Palmer..happy like pappy in the Arizona sun… puts it to Tampa…in Tampa

    this does not look good for Tampa. Schiano could be on the line looking for work next season. maybe he should try the military.

    he is like to have the company of his fellow lunatic Shanahan and his son from Washington DC

  2. mapoui says:

    Best of the coaching class of 2013-14:

    Marrne of Buffalo, Chudsinski of the Browns.

    Denver and Arizona

    Trestman in Chicago? mmmm! I will wait awhile!

    the Emmanuel kid in Buffalo is playing well. kid has a head on his shoulders.

    Love how Detroit is playing.

    and Mike Tomlin should admit to himself that the Steelers are rebuilding..or in need of rebuilding.. instead of losing his cool in the public because his bad team is not winning when they cant.

    a solution for Tampa Bay: fire the GM and his staff…then hire Tony Dungy to run the football. Dungy lives in Tampa…he might accept that job were it offered to him

    Adrian Peterson is ahead of last years pace. will he achieve 2500 yards?

    Maaan! this guys looks to displace OJ in my estimation

  3. Miranda says:

    I hope the Bucs lose every game left this season and the next one too.

  4. and then every game after that Miranda. This all began with firing Raheem Morris so prematurely.

  5. mapoui says:

    I did not mention that Geno Smith in New York, unlike Emanuel does not display much common sense.

    he has lots of ego though..perhaps too much..or whatever the quantity he has, he is not managing it very well.

    too many turnovers for Geno. he should pull his head in, accept that he is a rookie and not yet Peyton Manning, while working with what he is directed to do… be cautious, controlled, smart, evince by his behavior a learning curve… and he may stick.. for a while at least.

    on Dungy and Herm Edards: the path between class and race is a tight one to tread, for all especially black upwardly mobile people.

    the interests of upper class people diverge when it comes to many social issues..and acceptable commitment must be evinced by them to the status quo… or they wont be long upwardly mobile.

    yet upwardly mobile or not the black upper are not an established part of any white elite and without the black masses or ordinary folk they would be defenceless. their survival then depends on the survival and security of all black people..their buffer.

    so while up there the black elites are compelled by this fact to ensure as best they could the security of the mass. they must tread a path that allows them to continue growing while ensuring that their base is solid. this means they must be seeing the world through their own class glasses and not through those of any others.

    yet the black elites tend to identify fully, completely with the established white elites, see the world through white spectacles, diss and betray their base..becoming what some call the black mis-leadership class.

    but all here know this story already. I have no difficulty understanding this and in my ordinary status in speaking of it, I speak as I have about Dungy and Edwards above, in the awareness of the fact that those two are loved by all who read this website..and that I am likely to piss them off by what I have said.

    I don’t see why though if indeed what I said is the case. I think it is the case.

    it is not that Dungy and Edwards are evil. they no doubt are looking after themselves as they see fit. and Dungy in particular has not neglected his responsibility to himself in looking after his ethnic group in his area of professional success.

    yet on Sunday night football Dungy washed his hands of the Freeman affair and let the dirty water cover Freeman.

    I felt that it is necessary to mention this as observed and for notice to Dungy that he has verged off his tricky path in a manner that hurt his own. Taken properly I don’t see how what I have said can hurt anyone. it can surely help.

    anyway…the white establishment know the state of the black elites, understand their situation even better than I do for sure . they know that it is crucial for the black elites to maintain their group, their constituency. but if they do not..or if they are successfully kept from doing so..they benefit immeasurably.

    so what the black elites must do is no secret. no one is fooled save them, when they fool themselves and betray their race interests in the interest of our collective enemy.

    here is a white opinion on the Freeman issue…on ESPN of all places..Pat Yasinkas

    I don’t expect Edwards and Dungy to go that far. they dont need to. but in the situation there was and is no need for them to speak as they have. this was an opportunity to win some ground, clear some space…but they declined it…sucked up unnecessarily.

  6. mapoopie says:

    According to mapoui, a black man can only remain true to his people if he remains a rant-posting loser hanging around internet blogs his entire life, railing against anyone and everyone who aspires to a more interesting existence.

  7. mapoui says:

    there you go reading minds again..even more, full individual realities and what they are about…..

    I think I know who you are Poop…you cant hide.

    at least I do my thing, live my life whatever it is. you hate me so much you follow me around the world.

    but here as elsewhere poop you are real stupid, shiite. you don’t understand anything.. and that is reflected in your take on my race/class comments on Dungy.

    but how can you understand such, when if I am right, you are a black-hating west indian with straight hair, from Guyana or Trinidad, opposed to anything African in the world.

    you googled mapoui, and followed me here..and gave yourself the approximation Mapoopie.

    and trying to play propaganda games you insist that Freeman is no good, even in the face of his record, even in the face of the fact that his coach went out his way to destroy Freeman..even as far as calling bad plays and removing Freeman’s freedom to audible at the line to adjust plays when he read defence adjustments that made the play called moot.

    you don’t even know football..have no clue. you know cricket but not football.

    you are here because of me. you hate me that much. well that is often the way west indian Indo’s are. you hate me because I am one of the few who can stand up to Indo bullshit and prepared to fight for my own all the way…

    that’s who Mapoopie is TSF..a west Indian of Indian descent, who hates Mapoui from elsewhere, and is here to attack me. nothing else.

  8. mapoui says:

    and Mapoop…you piece of west indian shiite… I love hanging around internet sites and posting my life away….

    obviously that pisses you off. well you are going to be pissed off for a long time because I have only just begun

    ha hahhahaha

  9. Word. Do ya thing mapoui. Haters gonna hate…

  10. mapoui says:

    thanks MT…..

    great watching Terelle Prior and Geno Smith do good work this week end.

    Rex Ryan can coach. it was great that he stopped micro managing Geno. that surely allowed the kid the room he needed to grow a bit

    and I still cant understand the reluctance in Oakland to believe in Prior as a legit possibility to go all the way. they were even after Freeman despite Prior’s success to dat