NFL Week 4 Sunday recap and commentary: Broncos, Chiefs, Patriots and Seahawks remain undefeated

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DeMeco Ryans Wes Welker #83 of the Denver Broncos runs for a first down past DeMeco Ryans #59 of the Philadelphia Eagles after making a reception during the third quarter at Sports Authority Field Field at Mile High on September 29, 2013 in Denver, Colorado.  The Broncos defeated the Eagles 52-20.

Wes Welker and the Broncos opened things up in the second half against the Eagles.

The Denver Broncos scored more points than anytime in their 54-year history Sunday when they posted 52 on the hapless defense of the Philadelphia Eagles. Denver has the best chance of going 16-0 after blowing out the Birds 52-20. Andy Reid and the Kansas City Chiefs continued their dominance of the NFC East by defeating the NY Giants 31-7. The Seattle Seahawks rallied from a 20-3 deficit to outlast the Houston Texans in overtime 23-20. In Atlanta, the New England Patriots scored 17 fourth quarter points to defeat the Atlanta Falcons 30-23.

Bills 23- Ravens 20 – E.J. Manuel didn’t set the world on fire, but he was nowhere as bad as Joe Flacco who threw five picks. Flacco will definitely come under fire after becoming the NFL’s newest $20 million man.

Cardinals 13 – Buccaneers 10 – Josh Freeman will either be released or traded soon, which means Greg Schiano is stuck with Mike Glennon.

Vikings 34 – Steelers 27 – Greg Jennings scored two touchdowns and Adrian Peterson rushed for two more in the Vikings victory over the Steelers in London. Ben Roethlisberger passed for nearly 400 yards, but it wasn’t enough for the 0-4 Steelers.

Chiefs 31 – Giants 7 – The Giants have been outscored 69-7 in the last two weeks. The Chiefs doubled their 2012 win total. The Giants return home next week against the Eagles.

Colts 37 – Jaguars 3 – The Colts spotted the Jags three points before going on a 37-0 run.

Seahawks 23 – Texans 20 – Two failed efforts to score in overtime and an unnecessary roughness penalty ended a frustrating day for the Texans. The Seahawks are 4-0 for the first time in their history.

Browns 17 – Bengals 6 – Just one week ago we were ready to anoint the Bengals and bury the Browns, now they’re both 2-2.

Lions 40 – Bears 32 – Reggie Bush accounted for 173 yards of the Lions offense. Jay Cutler had four turnovers for the Bears.

Titans 38 – Jets 13 – Quarterback Jake Locker was carted off the field with a hip injury after throwing a career-high three touchdowns.

Washington 24 – Raiders 14 – Washington’s defense came to life as they won their first game of the season. The Raiders, already without Terrelle Pryor, lost running backs Darren McFadden and Marcel Reese during the game.

Broncos 52 – Eagles 20 – Denver scored at least seven points in every quarter. Peyton Manning — who has thrown an NFL-record 16 TDs in September – was 28-34 for 327 yards and threw 4 touchdowns.

Chargers 30 – Cowboys 21 – The Bolts scored the game’s final 20 points as Phillip Rivers passed for 401 yards and 3 touchdowns. A potential game winning drive by the Cowboys rally was thwarted when Terrence Williams fumbled a pass from Tony Romo at the Chargers 1-yard line. 

Patriots 30 – Falcons 23 – Tom Brady and Matt Ryan combined for 737 yards passing as the Patriots remained undefeated and dropped the Falcons to a surprising 1-3. Atlanta — who was without running back Steven Jackson — could only produce 58 rushing yards.

Tonight: Dolphins (3-0) at Saints (3-0) 8:30pm

6 Responses to “NFL Week 4 Sunday recap and commentary: Broncos, Chiefs, Patriots and Seahawks remain undefeated”

  1. mapoui says:

    I renege on my decision not to comment again on the Freeman issue. Tony Dungy on the Sunday night football program made me reconsider.

    I was shocked to see and hear Dungy’s anti-Freeman comment. then I remembered that both Dungy along with Herm Edwards were coaches and are establishment and that no better could be expected from them..regardless of the nature of the case involved.

    in fact the more egregious and unfair the circumstance are to the player in question, in such issues.. the more certain we can be that such as Dungy and Edwards will come down on the establishment side.

    this has happened so many times before not only in football but in life in general, still it shocks me every time I see it. it is so impossibly, shockingly wrong, illogical, with no value to anyone involved that it must shock..for how can humans behave like that?

    there is absolutely nothing to this save that a racist incompetent coach is hired to stabilise a team that apparently needed some sort of sterness at its core. but the coach apparently taking that as licence to establish military precision on a football team, runs amok and destroys the side, making the young QB the scapegoat for all the ills of the team, and the consistent losing that soon begins under the coach… when it is the coach himself who has destroyed the team he inherited with the job of coach.

    the team stands to lose millions and years already invested in a fine young QB. the team loses and looses while it is clear to any sane observer that it is not the QB at fault, but that the team management itself made a horrendous miscalculation by hiring a coach who is not only incompetent, but also quite insane.

    the insane coach has created in Tampa Bay what is in fact a sort of football riot or circus that was totally unnecessary, but which is causing great business dysfunction for the organisation. they have lost a QB at high cost and needs to start over.

    Tampa Bay has lost 2 years of building towards a championship and must start over.

    all team cohesion is ripped apart and the money invested in free agents now makes no sense for there is no team with which to play.

    it is very unlikely that this Tampa team will ever play for this coach so starting from scratch is essential if the coach is to be kept on. and if the coach is fired..which he surely will be by the end of this season..count the 2 years wasted, plus the times it would take to rebuild, even to the level Raheem Morris had established.

    { in a sense it sort of serves the Bucs team right for not dealing properly with Morris. they dissed Morris and got Schiano. seems maybe fair exchange in a funny kind of way}

    yet the media is all over Freeman who is not guilty of anything. I keep asking ” WHAT THE HELL DID FREEMAN DO IN THE MIX?” and the answer I get is nothing. all I have seen him do is play football,. he has no power to act. he had only his job to play football and that is all he was involved in. suddenly he is a drug user and abuser and the worst QB ever.

    but what is even more insane is that all who spray all the lies in the media including Dungy and Edwards know better. they know who is responsible, what the story actually is..yet they take the position they do, in favour of an insane white man- Schiano, and an incompetently run football organisation Tampa Bay Bucs… which is equal to agreement with the destruction of perfectly fine young man, who has done nothing to create and sustain this utterly ridiculous and totally unnecessary situation.

    that is in the nut that makes me shake my head every time this happens..the lies, the waste and human corruption and destruction involved…the exposure of people I like to be much less than I thought they were..Dungy and Edwards…while making stronger, negative impressions I have had of such as ESPN and the NFL today.

    it pays to be an asshole in this life. none are as loved as sublime arse-kissing ignoramouses.

    I loved Dungy and knew he had to be a systems man to get as far as he has. and he has done much to increase the number of black coaches in the NFL. yet I look for some backbone at times from such as he and in this case he should have felt free enough to point out at least, that Freeman is not the only guilty party in the Buccaneer stink..rather than washing his hands in such a manner as to leave a stain on Freeman.

    I hope for my own feelings that what Dungy meant in his heart was that a release of Freeman would mean an end to the mess and a chance for employment elsewhere for that indirectly he was abetting positive outcomes for all parties.

    I keep hoping that that is in fact what Dungy was saying..yet the impression he was not in fact saying that, wont leave me

  2. publius africanus says:

    Unfortunately now that Dungy is a commentator I think he is toeing the company line, mapoui. What is going on in Tampa is down right despicable. At least some members of the media and his teammates are starting to see through the grade school level BS shenanigans Schiano is trying to pull. The latest is that the team told Freeman not to show up to a team meeting where they could then claim that Freeman blew the team meeting off. Pathetic.

  3. Miranda says:

    Go Bills! I might actually watch tonight…well, right up until “Scandal”!

  4. mapoopie says:

    If Freeman was any good he’d be playing, bottom line. Money trumps racism. An NFL team is in a better position to win by playing the superior quarterback. Winning directly correlates with revenue. Tampa Bay would obviously be playing him if he were deemed helpful. Josh Freeman has played poorly, he has a bad attitude, his teammates refused to reelect him as team captain, and no other NFL team even considered trading for his worthless butt. Mapoui, the true racist here, insists that anyone who doesn’t march in lockstep and conform to his opinion is ab initio a racist. His net of paranoia now ensnares even Tony Dungy, who also isn’t considered by Mapoui a free enough man to express his own opinion. Just plain stupid, paranoid, out-of-touch reasoning.

  5. mapoui says:

    you know what poop is eh Poopie! you doin’ it all over the site.

    the fact is that Dungy washed his hands of the issue, stating with irritation and impatience that Tampa must cut Freeman and and be done with the issue that had turned into a major distration.

    yet it is clear as Pat Yasinkas pointed out, that immediately on arrival as coach Schiano too an axe to Freeman, attacked him and aborted his career. Yasinkas also pointed out that with Freeman out of the way we will now see what Schiano has to give. his crutch and cover is gone.

    Freeman is not to be blamed in that situation at all. were he to be blamed entirely then why the character assassination by way of leaks of what is by law confidential?

    way overkill if Freeman’s play was so rotten it warranted his dismissal.

    By the clear circumstances in the issue, Dungy, by common sense and intelligence had to be he had been up to that point last Sunday night. the situation had to be referred to in a comprehensive manner probably noting Freeman’s supposed failing, as well as what appears to be Schianos grade B coaching and overall low level politicking.

    I mean if Dungy was concerned about informed ordinary opinion on his work he would have been mindful to have been even-handed all the way through. I don’t think Dungy enhanced his reputation by those comments. for once at least he lost sight of the big picture.

    so Dungy did not express an opinion on the central case between the Bucs, Schiano and Freeman, but dismissed the issue giving every indication that he saw Freeman as a pain in the arse that it was best for Tampa to discard as soon as possible.

    that is not acceptable from as important a figure as Dungy without notice and response.

    I saw Dungy on the television speaking Poops, not paranoia. I am sure you can pull it up from some achieve somewhere. Herm Edwards as well. there they are.

    and how do you arrive a, or know, what I want people to do with my opinion..on reading my opinion here…far less to know I demand lock step agreement and compliance?

    you don’t only poop all over yourself you are a magician too, a mind reader, reading tons of people from afar.

    I guess you can do whatever you want with what I say. once its posted its no longer under my control. yet it’s all good when people look at something capably and respond with skill and clarity, insight etc, that helps us all along.

    your response is nothing like that. I do’t know what it is, save useful it is not

  6. mapoopie says:

    Ahh…don’t sweat it mapooey. You always have Cam Newton to cheer for. He might win up to 3 games this year.