@TSFSports 2013-2014 NFL awards predictions and commentary

Posted in Blogroll on September 4th, 2013 by Michael Tillery

calvin-johnson-300x278Professional football has been in existence for roughly 118 years and the game even after all that time has never been better. Look at all the talent across the league at every position. The athletes get better and better, sound technique is becoming more consistent and the stakes continue to be high. The owners are smelling like millions of dollars saving roses even after losing the concussion lawsuit, but expect a lot more legal stuff as players get bigger, stronger and faster.

This season is so hard to call. Just when you thought a few juggernauts will rise and take over, under the radar squads have legitimate shots to shock and give the dramatic NFL even more suspenseful drama. Some questions to ponder (no pun intended): will Adrian Peterson rush for 2,500 yards and lead Minnesota into the playoffs again in what has become an undeniably passing league? Will the focus be on the right QB’s for the right reasons? The critique of versatile quarterbacks needs to evolve and become much more realistic, well rounded and most importantly, accurate.  Seems like the entire preseason talk was about everything Robert Griffin III and Cam Newton said or did while Andy Dalton and Andrew Luck were rarely mentioned. The latter two escaped a pressurized preseason for real. Why is their development not more heavily scrutinized? They don’t need you to coddle them. Let them be great.

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Former Heavyweight Champion Tommy Morrison passes at age 44

Posted in Blogroll on September 2nd, 2013 by Ron Glover

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Morrison defeated George Foreman for the heavyweight title in 1993.

Former heavyweight boxing champion Tommy Morrison, whose career included a victory over George Foreman for the WBO title, has died at the age of 44. His family did not reveal the cause of death.

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