The Starting Five AFC Quarter Season Review


Peyton Manning and Wes Welker have been dynamite in a high-powered Broncos offense.

Four games into the 2013 NFL Season we have some surprising stories, some similar storylines and some developments that seemed to appear out of nowhere.


Let’s start with the surprises.

Peyton Manning has played the closest thing to a perfect four game stretch in the modern era. Quarterback play does not get any better. No interceptions (through 4 weeks. The Dallas Cowboys sullied #18 in week 5). Accuracy in short, intermediate and long passing situations. The  only (minor) knock on him could be that Denver tends to start pretty slow. Then again when the end result is a perfect 4-0 record and the obliteration of pass defenses, I suppose some slow starts can be tolerated.  I classify this as a surprise because while I expected Manning and the Broncos to be very good this year I didn’t expect this type of surgical brilliance.

Business as usual.

The Jacksonville Jaguars are terrible. Every other team has shown flickers of hope. Every other team has reason to believe this season can be a successful one. Every other team has a chance to do something positive with this year. Ive already read some assuming the Jaguars will go winless this year. I do not believe they are that hapless but Jacksonville needs a serious organizational shift. Forget changing the culture…… They need to establish a culture. Losing has made that franchise a national laughing stock. No single player, coach or GM can change what years of losing has wrought.

Where did they come from?!?!

The Kansas City Chiefs are undefeated and showing signs of legitimacy. As risky as signing Peyton Manning to big money post major neck surgery was, giving Andy Reid the keys to the organization after an unceremonious end in Philadelphia was just as risky……. And just as brilliant. Early returns suggest the defense is laden with good young talent (we already knew that, as did Pro Bowl voters from last year) and the offense, while not the super charged race car Denver appears to be, is more than capable of winning games by generating yards and touchdowns. Andy Reid has doubled the win total of last years team and appears to have a system in place that will continue to pay dividends well into the regular season and maybe even the …….playoffs.

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