A decent NFL quarterback…I want that, I need that


What gives?

What do you feel when the quarterback of your favorite NFL team takes the field? Do you swell with pride? Do you cringe in horror? What gives you hope? What feeds your sense of hopelessness?

This year I’ve witnessed a young man stand firmly on a hope and prayer and lead his team, the Cleveland Browns, to victory. An unfortunate injury stopped him where NFL defenses could not.

I’ve watched another young man set his own course for NFL stardom while winning games and breaking records in Oakland.

I’ve observed a guy deemed too old, too broken, and past his prime lead an offensive onslaught through the first half of the season in Denver.

So when I see these things I have to wonder why exactly the Minnesota Vikings cannot find consistent quarterback play.

The draft is a viable source. Ask the Ravens, Colts and Panthers.

You can even draft a guy when you already have a guy. Ask the Packers and 49ers.

You can get a guy in free agency. Ask the Texans and Cardinals.

The Chiefs traded for their guy when another team felt he was no longer good enough to be their guy.

You can get a guy when the pressure of saving the entire franchise will be on his shoulders. Ask the Falcons

However it happens, and there are a myriad of ways to make it happen, every franchise needs a quarterback. Every team needs a player at that position that will give you chance to win week in and week out. You have to get a guy, no way around it.

Your GM must be able to identify that guy. Your owner must commit to paying him. Your Head Coach must have confidence in him. Your offensive coordinator has to accentuate his strengths and mask his weaknesses. Your quarterbacks coach has to develop him and push him to improve.

Beyond the benchmark qualities like accuracy, pocket presence and poise, footwork and mechanics your quarterback has to instill confidence in those around him. Something about him has to make others believe. He has to sell himself. Making plays on Sunday is nice but I sleep easy the rest of the week if I know my franchise is in good hands. When I watch the Minnesota Vikings play I don’t see any of the aforementioned qualities. Somewhere along the way the proverbial ball was dropped. The franchise has not identified a man capable of taking the ball on Sunday and pushing the team forward. They are stuck in a pit of confusion and ineptitude. As a result the other two phases suffer. The defense is constantly playing from behind. Every missed assignment feels lethal; every blown coverage reeks of disappointment. Special teams has to be perfect. The field position battle seems like it’s not even worth fighting.

In hopes of reversing this trend the team signed Tampa Bay castoff Josh Freeman. With nothing close to the preparation and grooming needed, the organization made the decision to start him, in primetime, on Monday night. Freeman floundered. A loss and a concussion to Freeman later and the team found itself back in the abyss of hopelessness.

This is more than a talk radio fodder or woe is me type ranting. The team is slave to poor quarterback play, and until that problem is remedied they cannot prosper.

2 Responses to “A decent NFL quarterback…I want that, I need that”

  1. mapoui says:

    are Rick Spielman and Leslie Fraser on the same page?

    my sense is that they are not..and it has ended-up costing the Vikings.

    I hope I am wrong but both those men may lose their jobs at the end of this season

  2. michelle says: