Dez Bryant: yet another reason why perception is simply a lazy and false view of reality

Posted in Blogroll on October 29th, 2013 by Michael Tillery


He is who he is and exuberant passion for the game allows Dez Bryant to do this.

I gotta let y’all have it. Y’all crazy. Like really really muy loco mang. Haven’t you learned yet to use your minds outside of how you’ve been conditioned to react? Because of the perception of Dez Bryant, many slammed him as if he committed some sort of heinous act on the Cowboys sideline. His reaction was all about passion and inspiring his team to victory. If you noticed the body language of his teammates, you would have understood his “outburst” was absolutely no cause for concern. That all types of punditry were critical of Dez Bryant when the game of football is as emotional as it gets, shows most know nothing about the sport of…nor do they care for you to know. It’s all about entertainment now and game analysis has little to do with the actual games themselves. So…

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