The Houston Texans cut safety Ed Reed


Ed Reed chose not to bite his tongue after Sunday’s loss and it cost him his job.

The dismantling of the Houston Texans continued when the team announced they will part ways with safety Ed Reed. Reed left the Super Bowl champion Baltimore Ravens in March and signed a three-year $15 million contract with the Texans.

The Houston Texans were not ready for Ed Reed’s brand of leadership.

The Houston Texans entered the season with hopes of a Super Bowl run. The confetti dreams have been replaced with a quarterback benching, a seven-game losing streak, capped with head coach  Gary Kubiak having a stroke on the sidelines. The release of Ed Reed comes at the end of another disappointing week for the Texans — who prior to their 27-24 loss to the Arizona Cardinals found out running back Arian Foster needed back surgery and will be lost for the season.

After the loss, Reed stated the Texans were “outplayed and outcoached” after being benched before Sunday’s game. Reed lost his starting job and has only 16 tackles with no picks or forced fumbles. Reed is now contemplating playing out this season or retiring altogether. If Reed signs with another team, he will be owed the remaining $411,000 of his base salary, including an additional $62,000 per game roster bonus.

Sounds like the Texans wanted everything sexy Ed Reed brought to the table as long as things went well. The unforeseen calamities of the season revealed Reed’s championship heart. Teams yet to reach that level will have trouble understanding.

The Houston Texans will continue to learn the hard way.

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