Derrick Rose will weather the storm

(USA Today)

Derrick Rose leaves the locker room after Friday night’s game against Portland.

It wasn’t the worst case scenario for Chicago Bulls superstar Derrick Rose, but the news was no less devastating. An MRI performed on Rose’s right knee revealed a medial meniscus tear which will need surgery. No timetable has been set for Rose’s return to action.

“The rose and the thorn, and sorrow and gladness are linked together.” – Saadi

Derrick Rose knew something was wrong the instant he planted his left foot to pursue Portland’s Nicholas Batum after he stole a pass from Joakim Noah. Everything looked normal until Rose’s right knee buckled, causing his left leg to move awkwardly. Rose immediately headed to the Bulls bench and eventually to the locker room.

I thought of Gayle Sayers when hearing of Rose injury. Sayers was the star-crossed super star running back for the Chicago Bears in the mid-1960’s. Sayers was nicknamed the “Kansas Comet” because of his blurring speed and ability to shift directions — an attribute Rose possesses with a basketball. A backfield wizard and special teams dynamo, Sayers entered the NFL during the heyday of the great Jim Brown. Sayers was on a parallel with Brown when it came to production on the field, respect around the league and the highlight effect. Two serious knee injuries ended Sayers’ career after six NFL seasons. Sayers was elected into the NFL Hall of Fame in 1977 — leaving an unfinished masterpiece of a career.

Like Sayers, Rose has played in the looming shadow of an icon for his entire career. LeBron James is the midst of one of the great personal runs in NBA history. If it were not for Rose winning the NBA MVP after the 2010-11 season, James would have certainly won the award, giving him five in a row. Rose returned to the Bulls after missing all the 2012 season after tearing his left ACL in the 2011 NBA Playoffs.

I refuse to write off Derrick Rose and I recommend the same of those who take other’s words as gospel. Modern science didn’t allow us to see what the careers of Sayers, O.J. Simpson, Sam Bowie, Andrew Toney and others would ultimately become.

This isn’t a dead Rose ready to be placed in the middle of a book to for posterity — though frayed and weathered — plenty of life remains.

One Response to “Derrick Rose will weather the storm”

  1. mapoui says:

    I dont know but my response to this is irritation, frustration… and I prefer to move on.

    Derrick Rose treated himself like a fragile rose, sitting out the whole year when he could have returned and played. I was irritated by him last year. I am irritated now

    that kind of attitude sets people up for bad things…puts them into bad flows

    you are in a game in which you can get injured at any time, lose your career etc. it’s a risk all the players take. its not likely to happen but it can. you have to treat yourself positive. harden-up yourself physically, think positive and go on.

    the more you play the harder you get, the more experience you earn. the smarter you get in the game itself is the better you can protect yourself from injury and all things you need to protect yourself from.

    what was all the fear about, all the making sure, the whole dance about coming back last year or not..staying out of the very flow you need to be adept in, to develop all you need to survive in, for 10-15 years of your life?

    that to my mind exposed a scared kid who made himself prone to bad things by his fearfulness. you are not going to survive in the game that way.

    I am not surprised by this development at all. a great player potentially, that is Rose’s flaw…fear.

    I don’t know Gayle Sayers. I have read a lot about him but I doubt he was as fearful as Rose was. and I say was because I think Rose is done. Chicago can’t afford to go on waiting for him…they must retool.

    when he is back..if he ever comes back… Rose will be a risky proposition..2 years out of the game and injury prone…2 years growth and experience lost. he won’t command big paydays..and if he does not change his fearfulness he is likely to be injured again.

    I wish the kid well..and he should be ok with the money he has already made. but I have moved on and its just a game anyway..important but a game.