Last night in the NBA: Jrue Holiday’s double-double lifts Pelicans over Blazers 110-108

Posted in Blogroll on December 31st, 2013 by Ron Glover

(Gerald Herbert)

New Orleans Anthony Davis goes top shelf on the Portland’s Joel Freeland in last night’s win.

New Orleans Pelicans guard Tyreke Evans sank a fade away jumper with 1.2. seconds remaining to give the home team a 110-108 victory over the visiting Portland Trailblazers. The loss was Portland’s second in a row.

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@TSFSports Week 17 NFL recap and commentary: Pink slips and playoff spots handed out as the regular season ends

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(Getty Images)

Kraken, Matt Ryan. Matt, Kraken. Good luck. (Getty Images)

Greg Hardy aka “The Kraken” was released as the Carolina Panthers defense sacked Matt Ryan nine times.

The final regular season game of the 2013 season gave us more than we expected as a late interception by Brandon Boykin gave the Eagles a 24-22 victory over the Dallas Cowboys and the NFC East title. Aaron Rodgers returned just in time to save the Green Bay Packers season in a 33-28 thriller over the hated Chicago Bears. The win clinched the NFC North for the Packers and sent the Bears home for the winter.

The Carolina Panthers won the NFC South and a first round by with a 21-20 comeback win over the Atlanta Falcons. The San Diego Chargers took the sixth and final playoff spot in the AFC with a 27-24 victory over the Kansas City Chiefs in overtime. Cleveland Browns head coach Rob Chudzinski was fired after the Browns ended their season with a 20-7 loss to the Pittsburgh Steelers.

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@TSFSports Week 17 NFL predictions: Longshots, scenarios and a winner-take-all close out the regular season

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(Alex Brandon/AP)

LeSean McCoy is one of the reasons Chip Kelly’s first season in the NFL was a success.

The 2013 NFL season has had its share of surprises. Who would’ve guessed the team from DC would fall apart at the seams on and off the field, possibly leading to the dismissal of head coach Mike Shanahan? The reason most have chosen not to mention them by their nickname has become a hot topic as well. The Pittsburgh Steelers came out of the gate 0-4 amid whispers head coach Mike Tomlin’s job was on the line. Pittsburgh can enter the postseason with a victory over the Cleveland Browns and some help.

Finally, Chip Kelly came to Philly with a gimmick offense and a dream. After a dynamic debut, the Eagles struggled, switched quarterbacks and proceeded to run off five consecutive victories to put themselves in a win or go home finale against the Dallas Cowboys.

Any given Sunday.

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Notes from TNT’s NBA Coverage – Thursday, December 26, 2013: “If you don’t like Z-Bo, you don’t like basketball”

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How good are either of these teams?


TNT’s NBA coverage continues Thursday, Jan. 9, at 8 p.m. ET with doubleheader action featuring the Miami Heat @ New York Knicks followed by the Oklahoma City Thunder @ Denver Nuggets at 10:30 p.m.

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Breaking news : Tony Romo out for the season with back injury

Posted in Blogroll on December 23rd, 2013 by Ron Glover

(Rant Sports)

The Dallas Cowboys will be without Tony Romo in Sunday’s season finale against the Eagles.

Stunning news out of Dallas has confirmed Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo has been declared out for the season. The news comes as the Cowboys are preparing to host the Philadelphia Eagles in a game which will determine the NFC East champion.

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@TSFSports Week 16 NFL recap and commentary: Cam Newton and the Panthers rally late to punch their postseason ticket

Posted in Blogroll on December 23rd, 2013 by Ron Glover

(Mike McCarn/Associated Press)

Saints Panthers Football Cam Newton, Cameron Jordan, Tyrunn Walker

Cam Newton led the Panthers on another late game-winning drive against the Saints.

The Carolina Panthers are headed to the playoffs and one win away from clinching the NFC South crown. Cam Newton led the home team on a final drive — covering 65 yards in 32 seconds. Newton connected with wide receiver Domenik Hixon with 23 seconds remaining in regulation to give the Panthers a 17-13 win over the New Orleans Saints.

It was Newton’s fourth game-winning drive of the season.

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@TSFSports Week 16 NFL predictions: There’s plenty on the line as the regular season winds down

Posted in Blogroll on December 22nd, 2013 by Ron Glover


In Week 15, DeSean Jackson and the Eagles watched the Vikings steal an unlikely victory.

Credit the NFL scheduling committee for keeping us tuned in during the playoff push. Six head to head meetings this weekend will bring the post season picture into clearer focus before the regular season finale next weekend.

The Eagles had better get over last weekend’s embarrassing loss in a hurry because the Bears have the NFC North crown in their sights and a win in Philly may be all they need. The Colts and Chiefs could be a potential wild card weekend match up. The Panthers host the Saints with first place in the NFC South on the line. The Cardinals can move one step closer to reserving a playoff spot with a win over the Seahawks. Other games of note: Patriots vs. Ravens and Steelers vs. Packers.

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Notes from TNT’s NBA Coverage – Thursday, December 19, 2013: Thunder top Bulls; Spurs nip Warriors

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Yeah, the Warrior surely kicked a win away last night.

TNT’s NBA coverage continues Thursday, December 26, at 8 p.m. ET with doubleheader action featuring the Memphis Grizzlies @ Houston Rockets followed by the Los Angeles Clippers @ Portland Trail Blazers at 10:30 p.m.

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A collection of Okori Wadsworth’s NBA thoughts

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OKC is again at the top of the league.

Perhaps it’s the arrival of what is supposed to be one of the most loaded draft classes in recent history that is making me think his way. Or maybe it’s the slow realization that the NBA of the past few years is shifting under our foot with the speed of Russell Westbrook on a fast break. Whatever the reason is, basketball is going to undergo a massive sea change. At this moment in the NBA, things are changing faster than we can keep up with them. So if you don’t stop and take a minute to check where we are, you’re going to miss something vitally important.

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Notes from NBA TV’s Fan Night presented by Sprint – Tuesday, December 17, 2013: Durant and Westbrook power Thunder past Nuggets

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Oklahoma City is off to a 20-4 start.

NBA Fan Night presented by Sprint will return Tuesday, Dec. 31, with voting conducted from Tuesday, Dec. 24, at 8 a.m. ET through Thursday, Dec. 26, at midnight. Potential voting matchups for the Dec. 31 telecast will be announced at a later time.

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@TSFSports Week 15 NFL recap and commentary: Division leaders squander golden opportunities

Posted in Blogroll on December 16th, 2013 by Ron Glover


Michael Thomas’ late interception helped the Dolphins ruin the Patriots fourth consecutive comeback bid.

Five of the NFL’s eight division leaders took home an “L” in Week 15. The Cincinnati Bengals, Denver Broncos, New England Patriots, New Orleans Saints and Philadelphia Eagles faced teams who were either out of the playoffs or fighting to stay alive. It began when the Broncos lost to the San Diego Chargers on Thursday and things snowballed from there as the others failed to clinch their respective division crown or take a commanding lead with two weeks remaining.

Any given Sunday people.

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Notes from TNT’s NBA Coverage – Thursday, December 12, 2013: The Clippers are not championship contenders

Posted in Blogroll on December 13th, 2013 by Michael Tillery
nets clips
Paul Pierce and the Nets gave their former coach an unwanted holiday gift.
TNT’s NBA coverage continues Thursday, December 19, at 8 p.m. ET with doubleheader action featuring the Chicago Bulls @ Oklahoma City Thunder followed by the San Antonio Spurs @ Golden State Warriors at 10:30 p.m.

Will voters blindside Jameis Winston’s Heisman Trophy hopes?

Posted in Blogroll on December 13th, 2013 by Ron Glover

(Game Day)

The Heisman Trophy and a BCS National Championship would answer Jameis Winston’s prayers.

Florida State quarterback Jameis Winston is the unquestioned front-runner to win the Heisman Trophy. With sexual battery allegations behind him, Winston’s final hurdle is the moral high road some football writers will take in the final voting process.

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@TSFSports NFL Week 15 Predictions: The Desperate Dozen

Posted in Blogroll on December 12th, 2013 by Ron Glover

(Getty Images)

The Baltimore Ravens have won four of five to creep back into the playoff hunt.

Twelve teams are in the hunt for three open playoff spots. Five of those teams have sub .500 records. The biggest logjam is in the AFC where six teams are fighting for one spot. I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait until the mathematical probabilities are released in about a week.

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Notes from NBA TV’s NBA Fan Night presented by Sprint – Tuesday, Dec. 10: So what the Pacers beat the Heat…what’s next?

Posted in Blogroll on December 11th, 2013 by Michael Tillery



Paul George honestly, is not ready to be paired with LeBron. Stop that unnecessary narrative before it starts.

Sports doesn’t have to be this and that or this cat vs. that cat. The actual athletics should be compelling enough to get fans through 48 minutes, 9 innings or an hour of actual time on the gridiron. LeBron James has disposed of every big time competitor on his path to the chip, so until a singular player becomes the reason for his team defeating James and the Heat, no one should honestly be in the discussion. I understand TV and the selling of narratives for the masses, but that doesn’t necessarily mean fans must buy in and continue discussions that will never line their pockets despite obviously filling others. Paul George is capable and I hope he does become an NBA champion, so leave it as that and let the young man develop within the context of his very skilled abilities. We know what LeBron can do and has done, so why even consider discussing a young talented player as a true competitor alongside an athlete as uniquely gifted as any the game has seen? Frame the discussion as Indiana vs. Miami instead of coupling two players as if their names are Magic and Larry….

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