Notes from NBA TV’s NBA Fan Night presented by Sprint – Tuesday, Dec. 3: Pistons upset the Heat

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Smoove going up top on y’all’s boy Bosh…

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Fans can select between the following match-ups:

Miami Heat at Indiana Pacers

San Antonio Spurs at Toronto Raptors

Boston Celtics at Brooklyn Nets

Minnesota Timberwolves at Detroit Pistons

Milwaukee Bucks at Chicago Bulls


****  ****  ****  **** Pregame Show

Ernie Johnson, Greg Anthony and Chris Webber


Anthony on Pistons guard Rodney Stuckey: “Stuckey has been their best player this season [and] the best sixth man in the NBA. He’s playing the best basketball of his entire career. I tip my hat to this young man. [The Pistons] went out and brought in Brandon Knight to replace Stuckey, then they brought in Brandon Jennings, and a lot of guys would have started feeling sorry for themselves. [Stuckey] didn’t do that. He said, ‘You know what? I’m going to get better. I’m going to find a way to help this team become better,’ and that’s what he’s done.”


Anthony on why he calls LeBron James a five-tool player: “[Like baseball], basketball has five-tool players. That means a guy who does everything not well, but great: vision, ball handling, defense, scoring and intangibles. LeBron James brings all of those elements to the table. He has a great understanding of playing for his teammates. He tries to get his guys confidence first, and then looks to take over the game gradually as it progresses. It starts with that vision. He also separates himself defensively. This guy can guard every position on the floor. This is the only guy in the history of our league who has averaged 30 points a game in a season and scoring not being what he does best.”


Webber on James’ biggest asset: “The biggest thing he has is IQ, because it allows all of his talents to facilitate being that great player.”


Webber on Chris Bosh’s recent three-point hot streak: “When he was in Toronto, he used to take these at his own free will. He can definitely knock it down. He’s coming in and being that cog, glue and third guy for his team.”


Anthony on the decision by Nets head coach Jason Kidd to re-assign assistant coach Lawrence Frank: “When things aren’t going right in football, you see the head coach fire the offensive coordinator, defensive coordinator or special teams coach. In essence, you’re seeing a little bit of that right now. No doubt about it, there is some panic going on in Brooklyn.”


***** ***** *****

Sprint Halftime Report

Johnson, Anthony and Webber


Anthony on the Nets: “You weren’t going to be able to change the roster. The only area [you can control] if you’re [head coach] Jason Kidd is to figure out a way to bring about a sense of urgency in that locker room. They just can’t defend. It’s going to be a process. It’s going to take them a while to figure out how they can become a good defensive team.”


Anthony on the eventual return of Kobe Bryant: “I’m excited to see him back. I want to see what his mindset is going to be. Does he feel like he’s back like he was last season, or just back and he has to integrate himself?”


Clippers guard Jamal Crawford joined the NBA Fan Night crew in Studio B


Crawford on the Indiana Pacers: “They’re playing with a different swagger and confidence. You can tell they went to the Eastern Conference Finals because they’re playing like, ‘Ok, we’re just going through this to get back there.’ They’re playing with that confidence. Paul George is starting the season out on fire.  Everybody’s bought in. They’re playing solid, not beating themselves and you can tell they’ve been together.”


Crawford on the Clippers coming together under head coach Doc Rivers: “If you look at our schedule, we knew the first month of the season would be kind of rough because we had some top teams coming in. It hasn’t been easy, but we weathered the storm. Obviously, losing J.J. [Redick] hurt us and losing Matt Barnes has been tough on us, but Doc institutes a culture. He puts a foundation in place for us and he’s always thinking big picture.”


Crawford on the Clippers this season: “We’re one of those teams that’s going to be judged on how we play in the postseason. We’re just laying the foundation until we get there.”


***** ***** *****

NBA GameTime presented by Kia

Johnson, Anthony and Webber


Anthony on the maturation of the Detroit Pistons: “Teams that lose find ways to lose games, and teams that win find a way to win games. This was a bit of maturation game for the Pistons. They went and played the two-time defending champs, on the road, in the midst of a 10-game win streak. [Beating the Heat] is one of those steps along the process of saying, ‘We can compete if we just play a little bit better in terms of our discipline.”


Webber on the upcoming match-up between the struggling New York Knicks and Brooklyn Nets: “Both situations are full of injuries, old guys and a lot of money up front. It’s going to take a lot of digging out of a hole to change these situations around.”


Post-game interview with Pistons point guard Brandon Jennings


Jennings on what has to happen for the Pistons to become a playoff team: “Down the stretch is something that we’ve really been struggling with lately. We haven’t been a great team in the second half. To be able to hold the lead [in the win over the Heat], not get rattled down the stretch and be able to make plays says a lot about us.”


Jennings on his return to Milwaukee next week: “I’m definitely excited. I’m in a new situation, but all I care about is winning right now, and just trying to be the best point guard I can be for this team. Hopefully I’ll be an All-Star this year.”

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