Notes from NBA TV’s NBA Fan Night presented by Sprint – Tuesday, Dec. 10: So what the Pacers beat the Heat…what’s next?

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Paul George honestly, is not ready to be paired with LeBron. Stop that unnecessary narrative before it starts.

Sports doesn’t have to be this and that or this cat vs. that cat. The actual athletics should be compelling enough to get fans through 48 minutes, 9 innings or an hour of actual time on the gridiron. LeBron James has disposed of every big time competitor on his path to the chip, so until a singular player becomes the reason for his team defeating James and the Heat, no one should honestly be in the discussion. I understand TV and the selling of narratives for the masses, but that doesn’t necessarily mean fans must buy in and continue discussions that will never line their pockets despite obviously filling others. Paul George is capable and I hope he does become an NBA champion, so leave it as that and let the young man develop within the context of his very skilled abilities. We know what LeBron can do and has done, so why even consider discussing a young talented player as a true competitor alongside an athlete as uniquely gifted as any the game has seen? Frame the discussion as Indiana vs. Miami instead of coupling two players as if their names are Magic and Larry….

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Mike Shanahan benches Robert Griffin III as a parting shot

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(Sports Illustrated)

From day one, RG3 and Mike Shanahan have moved in opposite directions.

Chances are DC head coach Mike Shanahan will be replaced after this season. In what appears to be his last grasp at power, he has benched starting quarterback Robert Griffin III in favor of backup Kirk Cousins.

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