Mike Shanahan benches Robert Griffin III as a parting shot

(Sports Illustrated)

From day one, RG3 and Mike Shanahan have moved in opposite directions.

Chances are DC head coach Mike Shanahan will be replaced after this season. In what appears to be his last grasp at power, he has benched starting quarterback Robert Griffin III in favor of backup Kirk Cousins.

If you read between the lines in Mike Shanahan’s press conference following Sunday’s loss to the Kansas City Chiefs, you knew something big was going down in a hurry.

When asked about his relationships within the organization Shanahan replied:

“Like I said, I’m not going to get into relationships. We talked about Robert. You asked me my relationship with Robert and I said I was his coach, his head football coach, and not necessarily his best friend. I don’t need to be his best friend. 

From last season’s questionable play calling to hating on Griffin’s relationship with owner Daniel Snyder, Shanahan has been on a quest to put the free speaking Griffin in his place. It was Griffin who declared when and where he would play after his knee surgery in the off-season. He refused to allow Shanahan to dictate his career the way he did Donovan McNabb’s — whose two cents he’s kindly refused on several occasions. At same time, it was foolish of Griffin not to consider McNabb’s words. It’s Shanahan and not Griffin who has control of the situation now.

Shanahan’s concern for Griffin’s health heading into next season is cavalier at best. One way or another, his fingerprints could remain on this franchise for years. According to Shanahan; Robert Griffin III has been shut down for the rest of the season for fear of injury and losing his confidence?


If Kirk Cousins plays well enough in the final weeks of the season there will be a nasty dilemma awaiting the next head coach. Dan Snyder will have to deal with a serious can of worms — while Mike Shanahan wiggles off the hook.

3 Responses to “Mike Shanahan benches Robert Griffin III as a parting shot”

  1. Mapoui says:

    Mike Shanahan is one disgustingly awful kind of person. I thought Schiano was bad but Shanahan doubles him up.

    oh mi god! ha ha ha ha!

    Shanahan is an incompetent head coach..an awful one. he is responsible for the state of the team..he and no one else. he has had complete control and he made a mess of it.

    if Shanahan never gets another coaching job in the NF I would not be surprised. his time is past…. over. the league has moved past his nonsense. he is anarchronism

  2. Mapoui says:

    This one ia all about Mike Shanahan and the utter futility he is as a head coach.

    Shanahans football concepts are irreparably flawed according to all experts I have seen. He has put together an offensive line too small and unable to block to protect the QB. as a result RG3 has been sacked far more than any other QB in the league.

    it is not about RG3 being unable to run the ball like last year, which forces him to learn to be a pocket passer. RG3 is good at every aspect of being QB. the problem is that RG3 has no offensive line worth the term blocking… and that is the creation of an incompetent head coach..Shanahan.

    that is about Mike Shanahan being a total fraud as a head coach in the NFL, an incompetent…which is what Whitlock should be writing about. that is the real news… not RG!