Notes from NBA TV’s NBA Fan Night presented by Sprint – Tuesday, January 7: New Orleans Pelicans (88) at Miami Heat (107)


It’s a blowout!

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****  ****  ****  **** Pregame Show

Ernie Johnson, Chris Webber and Greg Anthony


Webber on Pelicans center Anthony Davis: “This guy has a great motor and great energy. He’s smart. He’s a great teammate. You have to love how this guy plays and I love his demeanor and his leadership on the team. I think the fans in New Orleans have something exciting to look forward to in years to come.”


Anthony on the youth of the New Orleans Pelicans: “Talent wise, they have enough to be a postseason team right now. The problem for them is experience. They have a lot of guys who have the ability to play the game of basketball from a talent standpoint, but they’re not all basketball players yet. They haven’t really defined how they’re going to win games or a pecking order on their team. When you’re that young you’re still all trying to prove who you are individually and sometimes that gets in the way of you winning. The chemistry hasn’t kicked in yet.”


Webber on the current state of the Miami Heat: “I really like who Miami has become…they’ve become a team that’s won two championships, very confident in themselves. The way they are mentally is what controls them during the season and right now they’re just plowing forward with blinders on. That’s the way they have to be.”


Anthony on the Heat’s improved play under pressure: “They’ve embraced pressure. A lot of that has to do with what they were able to do last year in Game 6 [of the NBA Finals] when it looked like it was over. Those kinds of moments give you a certain amount of trust that when things look darkest, it’s easy to focus and be calm. That’s what they’ve displayed over the course of this season.”


Webber on how he categorizes Heat forward Chris Bosh: “[Chris Bosh] is the glue. His stats are incredible. This guy is an eight-time NBA All-Star. Over time we have seen he is very consistent with his work ethic. He is not one of the most underrated players in the league, but he is one of the most underrated pieces on his team because we are always talking about the Big Three and the great LeBron [James]. He’s a guy you can trust night in and night out.”


Anthony on whether the Miami Heat should pick up recently waived Andrew Bynum: “I don’t think it makes sense for them. [The Heat] have a strong locker room, and he has to go to a strong locker room, but they’re already dealing with a physical rehabilitation with [Heat center] Greg Oden and an emotional rehabilitation with [Heat forward] Michael Beasley. That might be too much to ask. It’s got to be tempting because that is a big time talent in Andrew Bynum.”


***** ***** *****

Sprint Halftime Report

Johnson, Webber and Anthony


Anthony on LeBron James: “It is pretty amazing how good this guy is. You start to take him for granted. Every night he shows up and stuffs the stat sheet. The one thing all the true greats have in common is that’s what they do every night…they show up. They don’t miss games, they’re relied upon by their team and they deliver.”


***** ***** *****

NBA GameTime presented by Kia

Johnson, Webber and Anthony


Anthony on who he believes is the strongest team in the East: “I would go with Miami. When you get in that postseason, Miami can get to a level where the Pacers are defensively. We don’t know yet if the Pacers can get to level offensively that Miami has shown this year as a team.”


Webber on the Pacers desire to take the crown from the Heat: “Do we know if Indiana is going to overtake Miami? No. But we usually see that the team that takes out the team above them is the one that has been fighting for it for years, losing in the tough games like [the Pacers did in] Game 7 last year. Based on the history of the NBA, it will be fun to watch the Pacers try and take the mantle.”


Post-Game Interview with Dwyane Wade


Wade on whether the Miami Heat are an improved team compared to last year: “I guess we’ll see at the end of the year. We’re still finding our game, ourselves and ways to win. Whether it is on the road or at home, we’re just trying to win games. That’s all we can do right now.”


Wade on how he handles playing through injury: “That’s when your IQ comes into play. When you get older you come out and think, ‘Ok…my athleticism isn’t here tonight like it was a few days ago.’ So you have to do things a little differently and be a little smarter. That’s when you see me going in the paint, throwing up floaters, having high assist numbers and finding my spot in those kinds of games. I add different dimensions to my game and don’t rely on my athletic ability all the time.”


Wade on whether the Heat need Greg Oden to be successful in the playoffs: “We don’t want to put that kind of pressure on Greg Oden. We look at him like Birdman [Chris Andersen] last year. Even though we needed that jolt, we weren’t looking for that. We knew we had to win that championship no matter what happened, and Birdman came in January and did gave us that spark. Oden can be that spark for us if he comes back. But we’re going to continue to play, guys have to step up and if he comes we’ll welcome him with open arms.”

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