Notes from NBA TV’s NBA Fan Night presented by Sprint – Tuesday, January 14, 2014: Pacers smack the Kings 116-92

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Lance is beginning to shine…

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****  ****  ****  **** Pregame Show

Ernie Johnson, Greg Anthony and Chris Webber


Webber on DeMarcus Cousins:“Without even thinking about it, he’s the best big man in the league, bar none.”


Anthony on Isiah Thomas and Cousins: “One of the advantages they have is those two guys have great chemistry together out on the floor.”


Webber on Cousins: “I’ve been hearing all this Paul George MVP [talk], and the numbers of Cousins are better than his — not that that makes you MVP – because [George is] helping his team win and that makes him one.  It just shows you how good you are if you’re Cousins, and if you’re not on a good team, sometimes it doesn’t matter.”


Anthony on the Indiana Pacers’ defense: “They’re the best individual defensive team in the NBA and that’s where Paul George is, along with Roy Hibbert; those guys have separated themselves because they embrace it. There are good defensive players, but there aren’t many guys at the level of a Paul George or Roy Hibbert who make that the priority.”


***** ***** *****

Sprint Halftime Report

Johnson, Anthony and Webber


Webber on Lance Stephenson: “You have to love this guy, especially if you’ve seen his development…he’s a stat stuffer…he’s become, really, their point guard, to me, especially when Paul George has to get in his rhythm. You just have to love how he’s controlled the pace, and he’s kept guys involved.”


Anthony on Stephenson: “He competes. I think that’s one of the things that’s been most impressive for me. Early on in his career, a lot of people would’ve thought he wouldn’t have made it. You also have to give the Pacers a lot of credit for having the patience…they took the time to let this young man develop.”


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NBA GameTime presented by Kia

Johnson, Anthony and Webber


Postgame interview with Lance Stephenson


Stephenson on the Pacers’ defense being a point of pride: “We try to play great defense and we try and lockdown every team we play against. We watch film of every team we’re playing against, so we just try to lock them up in what they like to do and make sure they don’t do it.”


Stephenson on his personal improvement: “Last year I felt like I needed to get a little bit better and be that ‘X factor’ and bring something to the table every night and be consistent. I just like to be that energy guy, make something happen.”


Stephenson on what it would mean for him to be an All-Star this season: “It would mean a lot, but my focus is making sure my teammates are happy and winning games every night. If it happens it happens. I’m not really worried about All-Star. I’m just playing hard every night, bringing something to the table.”


Anthony on the Pacers: “They have basketball players. We talk about this all the time. There’s such a difference between a basketball talent and a basketball player. Sacramento has a lot of basketball talent, and they’re trying to learn how to play as a team.”


Webber on the New York Knicks: “The Knicks, if they make it into the playoffs…they would be a team — if I am Indiana, if I am the Heat, if I’m other teams — I can beat them, but I don’t know if I really want to play them because they believe they can win…they have good home court advantage, and you never know what could happen.”

One Response to “Notes from NBA TV’s NBA Fan Night presented by Sprint – Tuesday, January 14, 2014: Pacers smack the Kings 116-92”

  1. TC says:

    Larry Bird has such a great eye for talent and his faith in his players should be noted by all GMs and all coaches (cough cough D’Antoni). Stephenson’s development is just beautiful. Like a flower that gets water or flourishes in a healthy environment….oh geez…I’ve gotta stop watching cute baby videos…I’m getting sappy. improved as Paul George has been this year, Lance Stephenson even more, I think. And he takes pride in his D. He’s got some Ron Ron in him, I think. Is it May yet?