Notes from TNT’s NBA Coverage – Thursday, February 13, 2014: Since they asked, who is on your NBA Mount Rushmore?

Posted in Blogroll on February 14th, 2014 by Michael Tillery


I’m going  with Wilt Chamberlain (GOAT), Michael Jordan, Julius Erving (Magic Johnson and Larry Bird are the same dude and I can’t discount Doc’s ABA days. Sorry not sorry), Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and Oscar Robertson. I hear y’all saying Bill Russell was a better player than Wilt and honestly, y’all need to step away from the crack pipe. Wilt did it with less HOF players than Russell. That cannot be denied and just because writers throughout history want to dismiss Wilt simply because his prowess and confidence makes them insecure is certainly not Wilt’s fault. Ask any longtime NBA fan and he or she will tell you that Boston vs. Philly was labeled Wilt vs. the Celtics, not Wilt vs Russell. LeBron will certainly replace my childhood hero Dr. J. in my eyes soon enough and be seen and debated as the greatest basketball player of all time despite this idiotic mindset eliminating him from such thought. Because of his size, strength and undeniable talent, he absolutely belongs in any discussion of anything basketball regardless of how fans and media largely see and scrutinize him. He would do the same in any era regardless of how any league and any era views and plays defense. Further, chill with the Kevin Durant has locked up the MVP talk. We’re halfway into the season. He’s shooting 57% despite having the ball in his hands more than most of the league. Durant is putting in 31.5 points and carrying OKC though, but chill on the crown stuff until the season is much more clearer. Deal with it. Who do you have as your Mount Rushmore?

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