Chris Webber comes on The Starting Five Live to drop news of his upcoming documentary


The former NBA 5 time all-star  is dropping a documentary on his career. 

We’ve talked to Chris Webber before and surely will again, but news he’s dropping a documentary should perk up any fan of his in and out of sports. After choosing not to be a part of the ESPN production of the Fab Five of Michigan, Webber’s news he’s doing one of his own is very interesting.

The TNT NBA analyst came on The Starting Five Live Saturday to break the news and also talk about Wilt Chamberlain, his great NBA TV interview with Oscar Robertson, writing and producing David Ranier’s Yeah (also directed the video seen below) and producing music in general. He also has a book coming next year, talks about lost media context and the goals of his production company, Webber Media Group.

Check out the 30 minute interview on RAPstation.

David Ranier’s Yeah


2 Responses to “Chris Webber comes on The Starting Five Live to drop news of his upcoming documentary”

  1. Michelle says:

    I can’t wait for the documentary.. Webb is one of the most under appreciated athletes in all of sports.. Every team he played on he made better and after he left those teams were horrible.. His unique skill set made offenses go..His work off the field is also special. He’s one of a kind.. But his kind in our community is missed today.

  2. Michelle says:

    Love the song!!! YEAH!!!