Notes from NBA TV’s Fan Night presented by Sprint –Tuesday, March 18, 2014 Toronto Raptors (113) at Atlanta Hawks (118)


Jeff Teague: 34 points in the win. 

 Paul Millsap had an Oscar with 19 points, 13 boards and 10 assists and Jeff Teague put in 34 to offset DeMar DeRozan’s 29 points, 10 rebounds and 6 assists in the overtime win last night.

****  ****  ****  **** Pregame Show

Vince Cellini, Isiah Thomas and Chris Webber


Isiah Thomas on the Toronto Raptors after the Rudy Gay trade: “They [the Raptors] got really good pieces to help. You look at what happened to them after their trade, they took Sacramento’s best defensive player… Consequently, what’s happened to them is that their chemistry has gotten better, there’s more ball movement. You don’t have guys who came to the team who need the basketball trying to score. You really have components of a team that makes you a championship team and builds and adds chemistry.”


Thomas on Raptors PG Kyle Lowry: “His toughness, his leadership have brought a winning attitude to Toronto that’s made them a much more competitive team.”


Thomas on Phil Jackson joining the New York Knicks: “I think Jim [Dolan] definitely will give him the reins. He will give him the reins in terms of running the organization, running the basketball operations. I also think one of the key things for Phil is to be able to communicate and articulate his vision and his plan to the media and to the city. And the media policy that we’ve all kind of discussed, [and] been a part of, I don’t know if he’ll be beholden to that policy. Now, at the same time, I do think he’ll respect some attributes of it. But for the most part, I think Phil understands that you need the community to win. There’s certain aspects of the media that you need to have to present your message and to present your vision. So, I see a different kind of working relationship that Phil will have that none of us as presidents had before.”


Webber on Carmelo Anthony after the Knicks added Phil Jackson to the organization: “If you’re Carmelo [Anthony] I think you’re happy that maybe you know you have a chance you can be helped. Carmelo to me gets one of the worst raps in basketball. He averages more rebounds than most centers in the league, he plays great defense, I said great because he plays power forward; he’s a three.”


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NBA GameTime presented by Kia

Cellini, Thomas and Webber


Thomas on Atlanta Hawks PG Jeff Teague: “I really like the way he’s playing. I like his approach the last couple weeks of the season, the way he’s elevated his game and the way he’s managing the game.”


Hawks PG Jeff Teague Post-Game Interview


Teague on turning the team’s fortunes around: “We’re finally healthy. We got Pero [Antic] and Paul Millsap back; that was big for our team. For us to be healthy right now, coming close to playoff time, is big.”


Teague on capitalizing on his speed against the Raptors: “They can really play defense, they pack the lane in so we had to get out in transition and make something happen. Once we did that we got rolling. When we’re playing like that we’re a tough team.”


Teague on the mindset of the Hawks at the end of the regular season: “We’re just taking it one game at a time. We know we have some quality teams we still have to play and we’re just going to do what we can. Come out every night and play hard. Play with a lot of pace, get up and down and try and get some stops on the defensive end.”


Webber on the Miami Heat: “You want to look at some good things, [Greg] Oden played tonight, 3-of-6, and blocking shots and playing against big guys. You still have the bench stepping up. [Udonis] Halsem who hasn’t played all year is playing right now.”

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