DeSean Jackson agrees to 3-year deal with Washington Redskins


DeSean Jackson should be motivated to silence the Eagles and other critics in 2014.

DeSean Jackson will get his share of opportunities to prove the Philadelphia Eagles wrong over the next few seasons. Jackson has agreed in principle to a multi-year deal with the Washington Redskins. Unfortunately, we won’t know how the 2014 NFL schedule shakes out for the next few weeks.

Jackson will be out to make scorched earth of the Eagles secondary.

It didn’t take long for DeSean Jackson to find a new home. More importantly, it should come to no one’s surprise that he will remain in the NFC East. Jackson joining the Redskins gives quarterback Robert Griffin III the best deep threat he’s had since coming into the league in 2012. Jackson — who caught 82 balls for 1,332 yards and 9 touchdowns joins a talented offense which includes: Griffin, running back Alfred Morris, receivers Pierre Garcon and free agent signee Andre Roberts along with tight end Jordan Reed.

The Redskins brought in offensive-minded head coach Jay Gruden to open up an offense which was plagued with injuries and poor production in 2013. The addition of Jackson and a healthy Robert Griffin III will put Washington right back into the thick of the NFC East race.

The developments of the last week should spark something in Jackson — who has been labeled as immature and more concerned with personal numbers throughout his six seasons in Philly.

Maybe this gives the Philadelphia Eagles front office the opportunity to discuss their decision-making leading up to the release of Jackson last week.


3 Responses to “DeSean Jackson agrees to 3-year deal with Washington Redskins”

  1. D.N. says:

    My first thought is KARMA. My second is, I want him to watch himself and put away childish things and allow himself a good career and life. His parents raised a good son. His father (RIP) devoted himself to DeSean and his brother. Take the lesson to heart. (spark something as you said). He’s not in Cali.

  2. mapoui says:

    I love DeSean Jackson. I don’t give an eff about what they claim he has done, does, of is affiliated to.

    I have gone out of my way to find out as much as I could about Jackson. I did not find anything but a somewhat unusual guy and cocky wide receiver on the football field.

    in fact standing up for and with his friend who is down and in jail is solid. Jacksons community work/foundations is also a solid mark in his favour.

    and even if Jackson was not all of that I would still love him..regardless

    if the Eagles want to cut a player cut him..why smear him in the process?

    Same with Schiano and Freeman last year. why war on the players when simple, straightforward dealing is available?

    and I was just getting tuned into the Eagles again and Kelly bust the bubble I was developing with his coaching..

    the NFL also attacks one more time fun at having scored a touchdown..the no fun league. is there any possible connection between the NFL office and the individual but errily identical behaviour of Kelly and Schiano to targeted players?

    why the smearing and warlike conduct of coaching/management to players?

    I am getting more pissed at the NFL each year. Maybe Cuban has a point about the NFL business model, that it will fail in a while due to pure greed and mismanagement.

    the mismanagement part is clear. the Freeman/Jackson/No Fun issues cant be marketing successes. all of that is sure to be pissing off the fan base already

  3. mapoui says:

    maybe they don’t like the love, concern and effort to help for and to his own that Jackson represents. that’s solid behaviour there.

    is that why the Eagles sought to humiliate him-Jackson?

    management and ownership have hated and hurt black men for less everywhere.

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