Notes from TNT’s NBA Playoffs Coverage – Tuesday, April 22, 2014: Wiz go up 2-0 on Bulls; Pacers get even with Hawks

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Wall and the Wizards are taking full advantage of the postseason.

TNT’s NBA coverage of the playoffs continues Wednesday, April 23, with doubleheader action featuring the  Charlotte Bobcats @ Miami Heat (Game 2) at 7 p.m. ET and the Portland Trail Blazers @ Houston Rockets (Game 2) at 9:30 p.m.


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Atlanta Hawks (85) at Indiana Pacers (101) – Series tied 1-1


Joel Meyers (play-by-play) and Chris Webber (analyst) with Molly Sullivan (reporter)


Webber on Hawks guard Jeff Teague playing in his hometown: “You feel like this is your city and the other guys are here just borrowing time; it gives you a lot of confidence.”


Webber on the Hawks: “Their chemistry offensively is great. They know where each other is going to be and they have two or three options on each play.”


Webber on Pacers center Roy Hibbert: “His team is much better when his energy is served on that defensive end.”


Webber on Hibbert calling his teammates selfish: “As a leader of the team, when it comes down to it, the playoffs is not the time to break any type of chemistry. As we have seen, those comments have bled over into the postseason.”


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Sprint Halftime Report


Ernie Johnson, Charles Barkley, Shaquille O’Neal and Kenny Smith
O’Neal on Hibbert: “Right now, we are looking at a bad Roy Hibbert. He’s playing hard and aggressive but he needs to package it up and do better.”
Barkley on the Hawks: “There is a strategy to basketball. Give coach (Mike) Budenholzer credit, the Hawks have had a good solid (regular) season considering losing (Al) Horford. The floor is so spread…they have a good strategy.”


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Webber on the Pacers showing emotion: “You at least want to see the fight and heart in the No. 1 ranked team in the East.”


Webber on Pacers guard Lance Stephenson: “If I’m Atlanta, this is one guy I don’t want to get off. His energy and enthusiasm is contagious. Not only to the five members of his team on the floor but to the 20,000 fans in the stands.”


Webber on the Pacers: “If you are an Indiana fan, what’s frustrating is your team has spent all year trying to gain an identity and they lose it in the last two months of the season.”


Webber on Hawks guard Lou Williams: “Lou Williams is one of the most athletic point guards in the league, even after his knee injury.”


Webber on Pacers forward Luis Scola: “We know Scola can shoot that ball. He’s very physical, inside, grabbing holding and pushing…you like guys like that…that will bang inside and mess it up and make it dirty.”


Webber on the Hawks state of mind for Game 3: “The perspective in the playoffs changes. Everything becomes a panic. Everything becomes a state of emergency. They need to think ‘Wait a minute, we are Atlanta. We did steal one and now we have home court advantage.’ When you have that type of tempo and thought process, it makes it that much easier to attack for the next game.”


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Washington Wizards (101) at Chicago Bulls (99) in OT – Wizards lead 2-0


Marv Albert (play-by-play) and Steve Kerr (analyst) with Tracy Wolfson (reporter)


Kerr on the Wizards: “What’s fairly obvious is that Washington is a much more talented team.  They are faster, more skilled and shoot the ball better.”


Kerr on the Bulls: “With Chicago it has to be about energy…getting the loose balls. Rarely are they the more skilled team on the floor. It is going to come down to will and effort. Can Washington withstand that fight that they know is coming?”


Kerr on Wizards guard Bradley Beal: “Can you see the Ray Allen comparisons? He’s so smooth, beautiful range…beautiful size for a two-guard.”


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Sprint Halftime Report


Johnson, Barkley, O’Neal, Smith

Barkley on the Wizards: “This team is loaded.  They are good at every position…they won the first game and their guards didn’t play well.  I don’t know if they have enough experience to go deep in the playoffs, but they are going to win this series.”


O’Neal on what it takes to be Defensive Player of the Year: “It takes energy and effort, and Joakim Noah brings that every night.”


Barkley on the Bulls lack of scoring: “It’s about adjustments. They can’t match up with the Wizards starting five. Every guy on that team is a really good scorer. You can play great defense but at some point you have to score and the Bulls just can’t score.”
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Kerr on the Wizards this year vs. last year: “The biggest difference in this team is the veteran presence, like Nene, [Marcin] Gortat and [Andre] Miller. They finally got the veterans that can provide leadership on this team and it has been a nice mix.”


Kerr on the Bulls tenacity: “The Bulls are going to do all they can to win this game, scrapping and diving…but Washington is the more talented team.”


Kerr on the Wizards mix of postseason experience: “This is a good team. They are better defensively than people give them credit for. [Trevor] Ariza, who has played in The Finals, Nene who has been in the postseason and [Andre] Miller’s been around forever. It is a nice blend of talent…they have a lot of weapons.”


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Inside the NBA presented by Kia


Johnson, Barkley, O’Neal, Smith


Barkley on Wizards guard John Wall: “He is learning to be a point guard instead of a tornado out there.”


Barkley on the Wizards in the second round: “Whoever plays that team in the second round is going to have their hands full. This team is deep and they have veteran leadership.”


O’Neal on Wizards guard Bradley Beal: “Bradley Beal has arrived and played like a bona-fide veteran tonight.”
Smith on the Pacers: “This is a one [seed] vs. eight [seed] so I still expect them to win the series…but they are playing get-out-of-the-first-round basketball, not championship basketball.”


Barkley on the Pacers vs. Hawks series: “I would be very surprised if they don’t win the next couple of games. They have a better team than the Hawks. I would be very surprised if they don’t win both games in Atlanta.”


Barkley on the Raptors: “Toronto is going to win this series. I have not seen anything these first two games that makes me see anything different.”


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  1. TC says:

    Seen the Wiz games….I dunno if Indy gonna beat ATL but I think Wiz gettin’ to the East finals…..they have a great mix of vets and youth. Guys who are hungry and guys who have been great competitors a long time.

    That TOR-NJN series is great…like watchin’ a flower bloom seein’ TOR comin’ into their own. I think NJ will take it but it’ll be in 7.