Notes from NBA TV’s Playoff Coverage – Thursday, April 24, 2014: There’s still time, but for now, the Pacers ain’t ready

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The biggest shot of his hoops career. 


NBA TV’s coverage of the NBA Playoffs continues Monday, April 28, with the Atlanta Hawks at Indiana Pacers (Game 5) at 8 p.m. ET. 


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Vince Cellini, Baron Davis and Dennis Scott


Scott on what the Indiana Pacers need to do to turn around the series: “The bottom line, Indiana Pacers, get back to who you are, locking people down. That’s how you got your identity, playing good team defense… Roy Hibbert, stop worrying about your offense and go back to being a defensive-minded guy, rebounding, blocking shots. The offense will come. That’s how they made it all the way to the Eastern Conference Finals. It wasn’t that they were running plays for him [Hibbert], they were getting stops, the ball was moving and next thing you know the ball was laying in Roy Hibbert’s lap.”


Davis on Clippers forward Blake Griffin: “I’ve loved him since his rookie year. He’s a player who’s always been just too hard on himself and I think now, the work is starting to pay off. He put a lot of work in his rookie year, second year and it’s now, I think his confidence is really catching up to his workload.”
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Indiana Pacers (85) at Atlanta Hawks (98) – Atlanta leads series 2-1
Kevin Calabro (play-by-play), Steve Smith (analyst) with Molly Sullivan (reporter)


Smith on the Atlanta Hawks’ confidence in this series: “They know who they are. Yes, they kind of limped into the playoffs, but they’re missing Al Horford. This is a tremendous effort by this Atlanta Hawks franchise, Coach Bud [Mike Budenholzer], to get into the playoffs. And they feel like they have a good chance of beating this Indiana Pacers team in the playoffs.”


Smith on former teammate and current Pacers forward David West: “David West has a great ability to put it on the floor and make a nice pass in the high post. He has a great feel for the game. I played with him when he was a rookie in New Orleans. [He’s] one of those players who can do a lot of things for your ball club; tough, physical, can rebound the basketball.”


Smith on the Pacers following the Danny Granger trade: “Since that trade I think they lost their identity offensively, but more importantly defensively. [Danny] Granger was one of those guys that could defend the basketball. He was long, he understood his role…I thought he played Good Samaritan [after his injury], just spot up shooting and defending. After that trade they just haven’t got it going.”


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Sprint Halftime Report
Cellini, Davis, Scott
Davis on the Pacers and Paul George: “You get no sense of urgency when you see the Indiana Pacers play basketball right now. Paul George, being one of the elite stars in this league…he has to be the catalyst to get Indiana back on track.”
Davis on Memphis improving from earlier in the season: “When you have a team like this, who was struggling earlier in the season because they lost their coach, they’re losing their identity, it only takes a few good games to get back and say, ‘Hey, we’re used to winning like this, this is who we are, this is the way we’re going to play.’”


Scott on Memphis regaining its defensive approach: “They got back to being who they are. They’re starting inside out. Defensively, Tony Allen is back being that pest he likes to be.”
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Indiana Pacers at Atlanta Hawks
Calabro (play-by-play), Smith (analyst), Sullivan (reporter)


Smith on the coaching adjustments this season by Atlanta Hawks’ Mike Budenholzer: “They’ve basically done it all season without Al Horford. Mike Budenholzer has mixed and matched guys, Mike Scott, Elton Brand…[he’s] done a masterful job of trying to mask their size.”


Smith on Luis Scola keeping the Pacers in the game: “He [Scola] can knock down a jump shot to midrange, but he also understands how to play without the basketball…Frank Vogel has to find a way to keep him on the floor.”


Calabro on the Hawks’ impressive season: “What this Atlanta franchise has done, Danny Ferry the general manager, and their new coach Mike Budenholzer, is outstanding.”
Smith on the importance of the next game in the series: “That Game 4, this Pacers team, you do not want to go down 3-1 headed back to Indy where the Hawks have some confidence that they can go into Indiana and get a win.”
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NBA GameTime presented by Kia

Cellini, Davis, Scott


Scott on Jeff Teague’s play and the Atlanta Hawks’ win: “To me, this is all about the Hawks tonight…I’m happy for ‘Bud Ball.’ The ball is moving. They made it rain. They didn’t make that many three pointers early in the game but they stuck with their game plan and what got them there. Jeff Teague got that eye of the tiger back, attacking the defense… clearly Games 1 and 3, Jeff Teague has owned the Indiana Pacers.”


Davis on the Atlanta Hawks exploiting a mismatch with Roy Hibbert: “At this point, Roy Hibbert is really a non-factor. He’s playing 20 minutes. Your starting center is getting you four points, two rebounds, no blocks, two turnovers, and he’s really a mismatch. He’s the mismatch that the Atlanta Hawks are exploiting.”


Scott on what’s missing for the Pacers this series: “There’s not too many adjustments to make, it’s not about Xs and Os. No life, no passion, no effort, and last but not least, when you watch NBA basketball, all professional sports, even college, the body language is terrible. Normally when things go wrong, somebody is like, ‘Let’s go, let’s go.’ There’s no camaraderie.”


Davis on ways Pacers center Roy Hibbert can help his team: “This is not going to be the series that you dominate, but this can be the series that you contribute to help your team get over the hump. And I think that’s the big thing, quit all the jumpers, try and get some inside post moves, try and get to the free throw line, try and get you 10 and 10…and help your team get that much closer to a victory.”

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