Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling bares his racist soul

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Donald Sterling and his (hopefully soon to be ex) girlfriend V. Stiviano

It wasn’t a drunk rant or anything that could have been misinterpreted when it comes  to the recent statements by Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling. Sterling in a phone conversation with his girlfriend V. Stiviano — who describes herself as Black and Mexican — stated she should not associate herself with African-Americans, most notably Magic Johnson.

Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling made his feelings about African-Americans and other minorities crystal clear in a heated and disturbing argument with his girlfriend in an argument on earlier this month. The exchange was triggered when Sterling was notified of a photo of Stiviano and former Los Angeles Laker Magic Johnson, the photo was on V. Stiviano’s Instagram page — which no longer has the image. From that point the conversation took an appalling turn for the worse. Here is the audio as obtained by TMZ:

The clear irony here is some of Sterling’s best players and head coach are African-American.

This of course isn’t Sterling’s first racial rodeo. There was an age and race discrimination suit against Sterling by former Clippers GM Elgin Baylor in 2011. The case was shut down because the jury wasn’t convinced by Baylor’s claims. He also paid the largest Federal Housing Discrimination Settlement in U.S. history because he did not want to rent or lease to minorities. Summer Davenport, one of Sterling’s property supervisors gave some damning testimony.

This most recent development comes on the heels of the Clippers best season ever with a legitimate shot to represent the Western Conference in the NBA Finals.

I’ll be the first to take the Los Angeles Clippers players to task and ask them not to play in Game 4 tomorrow against the Golden State Warriors or any game following until the NBA takes action against Sterling.

This situation is bigger than future contracts, playoff bonuses, ESPN television deals and ratings. It’s about standing up to an owner who doesn’t respect his players or coaches, their race or culture. To make this kind of statement during the NBA Playoffs would reverberate shock waves throughout the sports world.

The NBA and the media have been quick to chastise players for self-expression, Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf, the player dress code and the Miami Heat wearing hoodies to honor Trayvon Martin. It’s time for owners like Sterling and those of his ilk are dealt with just as swift a sword. NBA Commissioner Adam Silver faces his first big decision, one that may set the tone for his regime.

The Los Angeles Clippers can take a stand by simply sitting down.

16 Responses to “Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling bares his racist soul”

  1. D.N. says:

    The Los Angeles Clippers can take a stand by simply sitting down. ~ you changed my mind.

  2. ametia says:

    The black players and fans can provide Sterling with his wish. Sit out the Clippers games, until “The Donald” is DONE.

    Stick a fork in that MOFO, he should’ve been DONE a long time ago.

    STERLING-SILVER We know this precious metal TARNISH & CORRODES.

  3. Ron Glover says:

    Thanks, I haven’t had time to listen to it. I did hear the quote about how he fed his players, gave them homes, cars etc. Absolutely pathetic.

  4. mapoui says:

    well.. a fork has been stuck Sterling’s team for sure. the Warriors smelled the leaking blood and they went for the kill today.

    Donald Sterling has always been up for this kind of thing. the man has been this way unapologetically from the start to now. that he should have still been an owner in the NBA is the question. how come…..

    and he has a beautiful girlfriend who also describes herself as black. strange bedfellows.

    yet that type of thing has been known at least… a conspicuous part of life -racist white men with women of the group they hate.

    but the one is not my business…the other is. finally then, the opportunity to end Sterling’s occupation/ownership of a multi-racial space. he does not qualify

  5. Michelle says:

    I’m not surprised.. People need to take the Rose colored glasses off.. To many people of color only have one purpose to serve and or make other people money. We sure don’t seen to care either..

  6. Michelle says:

    The fact many black writers can’t get paying jobs in the sports media is another problem.. Blacks can’t even cover blacks…. The only place you see brown people in he sports world is on the field/ court or taking tickets and sweeping the floors after the game is over.. Even though the majority of athletes have brown skin.. Watch any post game
    Press conference and count how many black faces you see..
    Everyone is getting paid off the brothers and set the narrative any way they choose to.

  7. Michelle says:

    The few writers who do Get in Half of them are dancing and shuffling scumbags like Jason Whitlock. I wish I would watch ESPN again with that disgrace to his race on their station.. There is no one to check
    This madness and hey that’s just how they want it to be.. ..

  8. mapoui says:

    I was just looking at Herm Edwards on ESP dealing with the Eagles explanation that the DeSean Jackson decision was based on football.

    I turned it off. it is so demeaning to see a grown man Edwards shucking and jiving on espn.

    does Edwards need the money at this stage of his life?

    why would he subject himself to that kind of thing?

    is he aware of nuts and silly he looks every time?

    every black writer/commentator on espn looks bad..as is there is something wrong with them. must be cookies with the cream in the middle.

    but cant we make publications of our own..n the net..printed and distributed to disseminate the low down by our own writers?

    I mean they don’t have to be great glossy zines expensively produced. they can be spare but focused on the facts..the articles, the meat..not the residuals. that could be the major selling point..the real deal from those like us.

    why do we always make productions anyway, like BET.. then sell them off. its like we are harvesting the market then handing it to horrific strangers.

    I am long past any interest at all in white publications for info on what I am interested in..which is why I get pissed at myself every time I go to ESPN or NBC etc..only to be disappointed by people like Jeffrey Chadiha, Edwards and the rest.

    the new experts on espn Dawkins, is the same tommin nonsense.

    all these guys come out of the NFL/NBA, money in their pockets, and go straight into tommin for the networks.


    on the net I have not found a good black owned and oriented site on sports as yet. that’s where a man like Sterling Sharpe ought to be playing

    I don’t want to go those sites at all..full of hype, silly stuff you have to work your way through to get to some meat..not to mention the generalised racism it is all based on

  9. mapoui says:

    I caught a glimpse of Charles Barkley kissing that old refere guy.

    I could not believer it. disgusting! glad I did not see more of it till I found this on you tube:


    I am no fan of homosexuality. its there and homosexuals must be protected by law, free of discrimination and all that.

    but this here with Barkley..I must accept that?


    how far will these guys go for popularity?

    don’t they have money..millions etc… from their playing days, endorsements etc?

    they are turning themselves into real clowns for media jobs that require them to tom and put down their own..even to publicly kiss old white men

    Barkley is trending down and out for me. I don’t even listen to the fool any more on basketball, so disgusted I am with that kiss

  10. mapoui says:

    another thing I got only a glimpse of but could not understand was why Charles Barkley was literally kissing that old basketball refere guy.

    to be honest that was quite disgusting to me and I am glad I did not see more of it

    I used to like Barkley. he is now trending donwards in my estimation. a man can be a clown for fun..but if the does not watch himself he might become a clown

  11. mapoui says:

    sorry about the double post. they got mixed up somewhere there

  12. Mapoui I can’t even consider reading anything from Whitlock. Check out the next thread.

  13. mapoui says:

    yes! I know! but he has a point or 3 in there!

    but check out Wasseman here as I get into your link above. I like a Wasserman’s principle of course!