@MrChuckD Comes on The Starting Five Live 5/3/14 at 8:30 pm ET


Airs tonight 8:30 pm ET on RAPSTATION Radio.

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On the 31st edition of The Starting Five Live, I talk with the legend himself…the hard rhymer…Mr. Chuck D. We talk sports and society…just like the name of the show. Chuck was a surrogate big brother to a lot of us through his words and actions, and yeah I pulled my ace card…as the country reacts to Donald Sterling simply because I knew he would offer a necessary context. Interesting were his words of LeBron James and how Julius Erving convinced Chuck that LeBron was the real deal before he hit the NBA. This interview will be broken into a few parts. Thank you for tuning in, please comment after listening and we hope you enjoy the show!

You can either go to The Starting Five Live page, or listen live via the home page.

2 Responses to “@MrChuckD Comes on The Starting Five Live 5/3/14 at 8:30 pm ET”

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  2. Michelle says:

    Great show!!! The man and the mind are as rarer today as a phone booth… It’s such a shame the longer we live the less real we have become.. No pride or purpose just superficial and materialist….. Selling our souls to the highest bidder….. Empty and lost..