Friday Fire: As the season winds down to the NBA’s version of the Final Four, who wins the chip?


What everyone expected right? How will this play out? What do you want to see? Who deserves to play for it all?

Part 3 of Chuck D airs Saturday 8:30. The show concludes with TSF family, The Last Poet, Kobie Colemon. Here’s first part with Chuck and the second part. Chuck and I talk about the violence in Chicago and LeBron James.

Let’s get to it…

It’s down to the Eastern and Western Conference Finals and all three teams looking to become the new NBA Champion have gone down to Miami during this dynastic run. Is revenge overrated? Are any of these teams capable of shutting down the champs and specifically LeBron James 4 out of 7?

Indiana and OKC are finding out what it takes to galvanize a team. When it comes to who is elite, the regular season virtually means nothing except for now? Will home-court advantage help any of these four? Is this the year San Antonio’s age becomes a true factor, or will the machine that is the Spurs decorate San Antonio even more? Indiana limped into the Eastern Conference Finals probably because they worked so hard to acquire the #1 seed, but they sure got to where they wanted to be didn’t they? Lance Stephenson is about to explode in the greatest of ways. Is he the deciding factor? Will Roy Hibbert return to form against a team he has so much confidence going up against? The look on LeBron’s face…that focus…is this the year he separates even more so from his NBA peers? How about Tim Duncan? If San Antonio wins it all, where does he sit on the NBA pantheon? Kevin Durant has a shot to close a story book season (I still think LeBron is MVP). Do you want him to win the title? Why?  Where’s Russell Westbrook sit in all this? Is he the real basketball killer on the Thunder?

Who wins it all? Don’t go with your heart, go with your head.

If Dwyane Wade’s knees hold up, Heat in 6 here and in the Finals. LeBron is just too deep mentally and physically.


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  1. Michelle says:

    Miami … Again.. lol