Last Night at the NBA Finals: In a a 98-96 win, LeBron James and the Heat shut up the critics and tie the Spurs 1-1

Posted in Blogroll on June 9th, 2014 by Michael Tillery

(Larry W. Smith, pool/ Associated Press )

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The eyes have it…

Well, well, well. What do we have here? Y’all hear those crickets outside in broad daylight? I sure do. Whassup Twitter? Why is basketball twitter so quiet after the Heat win, but are loud as stinking hell when the Heat lose? Are you really that needy to find solace in a Spurs victory? Are you really that needy that you’ve become pseudo Spurs fans and stick voodoo dolls with crazy ass eyes in hopes LeBron and his mates lose and lose hard? Some of you are about to learn a critical lesson why respecting greatness in the current time and space in which it operates is the correct option instead of the moronic one usually taken in this social media numbing era. An option of ridiculousness having absolutely nothing to do with the game of basketball or even sports itself. Where the hell are the memes? Where the hell are the jokes and facebook conversations about cramps clamoring for Midol pills? Where are the stupid as hell hockey player comparisons? Where y’all at? Yeah I just finished a sentence with a preposition, but maybe foolery induced emphasis is just what some of you need. Yet and still, even after the Miami Heat reclaimed home court advantage in these NBA Finals with a 98-96 win, doubt will remain.

Be honest, in that 3rd quarter when LeBron took over, you got up out of your seat, turned off the air and turned on the heat on blast. Come on admit it. Ha.

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