@TSFSports NBA Draft live blog: Will the Cavaliers deal the top pick or stand pat?


The Philadelphia 76ers have made no secret of their desire to select Andrew Wiggins

As the NBA Draft draws nigh, rumors are hot and heavy surrounding the possibility of the Cleveland Cavaliers dealing the No.1 overall pick.

The most enticing offer has come from the Philadelphia 76ers — who have offered their 3rd, 10th, and 32nd picks in exchange for the chance to draft Kansas standout Andrew Wiggins.


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Andrew Wiggins suit kicks us off tonight.

44 Responses to “@TSFSports NBA Draft live blog: Will the Cavaliers deal the top pick or stand pat?”

  1. Ron Glover says:

    Anyone peep Andrew Wiggins’ suit?

  2. Ron Glover says:

    Cavs and 76ers will be working on this potential deal late into the night.

  3. Ron Glover says:

    Now I’m leaning towards Embiid for Philly, the suspense is killing me.

  4. Ron you are my eyes bro. My cable is out.

  5. kos says:


    Saw that suit. Was hoping that he just wore it as a tribute to Craig Sager not being there. lol

  6. Ron Glover says:

    Why is Adam Silver reading from a prepared statement?

  7. kos says:

    Wiggins goes #1.

  8. Ron Glover says:

    With the first selection the Cleveland Cavaliers select Andrew Wiggins/Kansas.

  9. Ron Glover says:

    The Milwaukee Bucks select Jabari Parker/Duke.

  10. kos says:

    Thing I hate about watching drafts……teams know who they’re going to pick, but use up the entire time….

  11. Ron Glover says:

    And no team ever comes up before time expires.

  12. Ron Glover says:

    I believe the 76ers take Embiid.

  13. This where it gets interesting.

  14. Ron Glover says:

    No doubt, it takes off from here.

  15. kos says:

    Right on the money Ron……..

  16. Ron Glover says:

    The Philadelphia 76ers select Joel Embiid/Kansas

  17. Gotta be some trade talk going on.

  18. Ron Glover says:

    The satellite delay killed the moment.

  19. kos says:

    Yeah, I wonder how it would be with him and Noel…….unless there’s a trade…..

  20. Ron Glover says:

    The Orlando Magic select Aaron Gordon/Arizona.

  21. kos says:

    Ron –
    Agreed, I think he’ll be a much better player.

  22. Ron Glover says:

    The Utah Jazz select Dante Exum/Australia

  23. Ron Glover says:

    His Pop looks like Larry Holmes.

  24. Ron Glover says:

    The Boston Celtics select Marcus Smart/OSU.

  25. Ron Glover says:

    Rajon Rondo’s days in Boston are numbered.

  26. Ron Glover says:

    The Los Angeles Lakers select Julius Randle/Kentucky.

  27. Ron Glover says:

    The Sacramento Kings select Nick Staukas/Michigan.

  28. Ron Glover says:

    The Charlotte Hornets select Noah Vonleh/Indiana.

  29. Sixers are definitely taking McDermott right?

  30. kos says:

    Mizzo –

    He was projected to be taken by the Hornets. So him being available is definitely a surprise.

  31. Ron Glover says:

    The Philadelphia 76ers select Elfrid Payton/UL Lafayette

  32. Ron Glover says:

    I believe MCW stays. He needs a backup

  33. Ron Glover says:

    The Denver Nuggets select Doug McDermott/Creighton.

  34. kos says:

    Bleacher Report is reporting that McDermott may be traded to Chicago.

  35. Ron Glover says:

    Doug McDermott traded to Chicago for picks 16 and 19.

  36. Ron Glover says:

    Orlando Magic select Dario Saric/Croatia.

  37. Ron Glover says:

    Minnesota T-Wolves select Zack LaVine/UCLA.

  38. Ron Glover says:

    Sixers trade Elfrid Payton to Orlando for Dario Saric.

  39. That trade was straight up?

  40. kos says:

    Phoenix Suns take TJ Warren/NC State.

  41. Ron Glover says:

    The Phoenix Suns select T.J. Warren/NC State.

  42. Michelle says:

    Oh Philly… Sigh

  43. Michelle says:

    I’m guessing Philly won’t be good again until at least 2020 and maybe not even then..