Friday Fire: Should the media be as critical of owners as they are of players?


Has the power to change a lot of minds. Why doesn’t he? 

Chris Broussard just reported that LeBron James is hung up on Dan Gilbert’s much scrutinized comic sans letter after LeBron left Cleveland for Miami. In most cases, professional sports owners lay back in the cut and allow team executives to run the show. Gilbert and Dan Snyder (pictured) are two who buck this normality and fly by the seat of their deep pocketed pants…

To be clear, I’m not speaking of light criticism but more the hard-core judging of athletes owners seem to evade.

This should go both ways right? If an owner deserves criticism he should slammed the same as an athlete deserves correct?

Is it reason enough that media members are less critical of ownership based on outlet business partnerships? Isn’t that reasoning flawed when you consider writers are criticized for having too close a relationship with athletes?

Those thinking I have it out for authority are missing the point. Respect is due for authority where authority of any sort is respectful. Get it?

We’re in an age where everything comes to light and as owners fine players for “speaking out of turn” on social media, it seems a check and balance is sorely needed for some of the statements they also make on social media and otherwise in the name of self-preservation.

Gilbert’s error might have cost him a redemptive shot at landing a very business savvy LeBron James. Dan Snyder is alienating many sports fans and offending an entire beaten down race of Native Americans by sticking to a misguided script seeking to keep the faux-honor of his team name. He could go a long way to helping this society rid a very stated appearance of hatred. We all know what went down with Donald Sterling and how that rightfully affected the belief of team ownership. This is a different time, and long gone are the days where preemptive strikes by franchises to smear players — for whatever reason — are no longer scrutinized.

The late great George Steinbrenner was a beast. He told it like it is (I’m critical of his handling of Dave Winfield, but not much else) and cared less of how he was viewed by the press and Major League Baseball.

Fans go after incompetent owners at every instance of team failings. The media are a different story, and rarely are team owners attacked (Jerry Jones and the aforementioned are obviously different cases) in print or otherwise to restore a semblance of the same integrity (if that’s even possible in sports anymore) journalists expect of pro athletes.

What’s your take? Should owners have a sense of anonymity or should they be outspoken in defense of their teams or when other social issues arise?

What is media responsibility of how team owners are viewed? Should the media have any responsibility?

Please comment.

8 Responses to “Friday Fire: Should the media be as critical of owners as they are of players?”

  1. Michelle says:

    Won’t happen.!!! Most of the sports media are purchased puppets.. Including a majority of the few members of black press given access.. It’s like 1950 all over again.. Sickening to say the least.. Listening and or reading some of the irrelevant garbage from these people is aggravating .. From their bias towards white athletes to their harsh criticism or ignoring the achienments of black athletes , I’ve read enough!!! They change the rules to fit their point of view and the tabloid talk is ridiculous .. Like a bunch of little kids on a playground teasing a kid.. It’s clear they have agendas so reporting what’s fact and relevant is often not their goal.. Their goal is to please their target audience that doesn’t include us!!

  2. Michelle says:

    The owners see men of color as their property.. Most could careless about them and I bet few have any close black friends nor do they care to .If a brother isn’t making them money they have no use for them.. Except maybe to drive them around.. ..When the Yankees called Cano greedy not a word from the press .. This after Yankees GM publicly told A-Rod to shut the Fuck up.. Now what white athletes are ever disrespected by owners and GM’s like that? Players leave teams all the time for higher pay rates.. That was crazy and the black press should be ashamed for not demanding a public apology.. See we people with black skin are only good enough to serve them or make them money… The fact the sports media is 80% plus white and the rest are people paid to stay in their place is a disgrace!!!

  3. Michelle says:

    Scoop I totally disagree and LeBron is PE… Kobe and Jordan are not so use a quote from some country or rock ballad to describe them ..

  4. Michelle says:

    ESPN is slick to dust off Scoop and bring him
    Out to talk LeBron to fool black folks .. Seriously

  5. Michelle says:

    So according to the brothers on ESPN LeBron is basically passive or weak lacking the killer instinct but then on the same set they praise known choker in rhe playoffs Peyton Manning for being so great …. Made me want to vomitt… As long as money hungry blacks with no pride or backbone keep tearing other blacks down we will always be disrespected and used.. The white men who wish to contol us know how easiy it it to divide us..

  6. Michelle says:

    Thank goodness for Jemele Hill she’s one of the few black ESPN writers who isn’t an errand girl.. Her comments about LeBron’s leadership is on point!!

  7. mapoui says:

    I got almost all I wanted in the process.

    the guys are serious..MONEY.

    they got all the money possible ..all of them. THAT’S THE POINT IN THIS NBA.

    Bosh and James appear to be very happy to play where they have ended up. that’s a nice bonus. Carmelo too. Melo is from New York so Jackson notwithstanding he should be cool about being in that city

    Additionally Lionel Hollins, one of my fave coaches got a nice job. the Hornets are moving much better than previously and Toronto got the men wrapped up.

    the only fly is Gilbert in the mix. I really dont like that guy..even less than Sterling in Los Angeles.

    and of course Riley had to ante up big time and must now work hard once again to build a winner. no more deals to make Riley great guys. let him work for his supper like everyone else

  8. mapoui says:

    “Toronto got theIR men wrapped up”